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16770310 Page 79 Baptisms 1677-1705 and Page 80 1690-1691


16770310 Page 79 Baptisms 1677-1705 and Page 80 1690-1691



Jane the daughter of Thomas Trimble baptised February the 10 th day of March 1679

Mary the daughter of Thomas Trimble baptised February the 19 th 1681

William the son of Thomas Trimble baptised on the 7 th day of July 1685

George the son of Edward Calvert

John the son of Mr William and Mrs Elizabeth Mathers baptised about the 14 th of November 1688/89 (1688) Godfathers Mr John Campbell and Mr John Mathers, Godmother Mrs Judith Mathers

Wolsey the son of Mr William and Elizabeth Mathers baptised the 10 th of November 1691 Godfathers Mr Edward Tyler and Mr Francis Mathers; Godmothers Elizabeth Connor and Margaret Wilson

Francis the son of William and Elizabeth Mathers baptised the 10 th of May 1693 being six days old Godfathers Richard Simmons Junior and Robert Wilson; Godmothers Mrs Isabell Workman and Elizabeth Mathers


Mary the daughter of Thomas Bell was buried February the 2 nd 1704/5 (1705).


Baptisms1690, 1691

James Marshall son of John and Jane Marshall baptised April the 27 th 1690; godfathers Thomas Bloar and William Harwood; God mothers Margery Flanagan and Mary Flanagan

William Workman son of Ruth was baptised April the 24 th 1690 Godfathers Mr Thomas Clark Senior and Mr William Mathers; godmothers Mrs Rose ?bbing and Mrs Sarah Jones

Margaret Mulholland daughter of Daniel and Anne Mulholland baptised May the 25 th 1690; godfather John Hall; Godmothers Mary Campbell and Mary Allen.

George the son of Edward Calvert baptised the 5 th of October 1690; Alex Wiley and William Arnel Godfathers; Margaret Thompson and Mary Hetherington Godmothers

Jane the daughter of George Calvert baptised the 28 th of September 90; Charles Wiley and Edward Calvert Godfathers; Mary Wiley and Mary Lester Godmothers (1690)

Jane Greenway daughter of John and Anne Greenway was baptised December the 21 st 1690; Godfathers Francis Greenway and John Sneddon; Godmothers Phyllis Sneddon and Jane Milcroft

John Russell a still child baptised with private baptism January 17 th 1691

Jane Hoy daughter of Robert and Mary Hoy baptised February the 1 st 1690; Godfathers John Gibson and John Potts; Margaret Potts and Mary Campbell Godmothers

William son of William and Mary Potts baptised Sunday the 8 th of February 1691; Godfathers William Kellim and John Potts; Godmothers Mary Kellim and Margaret Potts.

Anthony son of Thomas and Judith Pegg baptised February the 15 th 1691; Godfathers James Bamber and James Hall; Godmother Elizabeth Bamber

Elizabeth daughter of Henry and Katherine Porter baptised Sunday the 15 th of February 1690/91; John Greenway Godfather; Elizabeth Ramsay and Elizabeth Greenway Godmothers

Margery daughter of Thomas and Joan Brown baptised February 24 th 1690; Thomas Rollinson Godfather; Jane Davison and Jane Armstrong Godmothers

Margaret daughter of Mr Richard and Mrs Anne Simmons baptised before February 1690/91 Mr Richard Simmons Senior and Mr John Mathers Godfathers; Mrs Mary Dynes and Mrs Elizabeth Mathers Godmothers.


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