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16910413 Page 13 Act of Vestry 13th April 1691


16910413 Page 13 Act of Vestry 13th April 1691


At a vestry holden in the Parish Church of Sego for the said Parish on Easter Monday the thirteenth of Aprile 1691.

Agreed that the Minister and Parishioners of the said Parish, do nominate, select, and constitute Mr Richard Timmons Junior of Knockmenagh, and Robert Black of Ballyhanahan to serve as Church Wardens for the said Parish for this present year. It is likewise agreed that John Webb shall serve as Overseer of the highway leading from Drumgorr river to the foot of the hill near Mr Henry Dynes his house, according to former divisions and Wiliam Arran for the lower way of the mannor of Kearnan and William Gibson for the upper way of the same mannor

Tho. Seartlo and Charles Swily? the highway of Corbrafoge? all attending to former divisions.

.......................................................................John Campbell Clark

Ralph R Wilson?

His mark

William Mathers

John Mathers

Thos Seartlo

Archibald Hamilton

Richard Greenway

George Richardson

John Greenway

Thomas Trotter?

Anthony Midrast?

Thomas Rogers

Mention that Mr William Mathers, Churchwarden for the last year, laid out 4s for two bottles of wine for the Sacrament last Christmas and 4s for two bottles of wine for the Sacrament this present Easter and 2d for bread.


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