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Jan 1941


Jan 1941







"I was glad when they said unto me : we will go into the house of the Lord.'

PSALM 122 : V. 1.

"Not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together. as the manner of some is.

HEBREWS 10 : 25.

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Seagoe Parish Magazine.

JANUARY, 1941.


J. W. APPELBE, M.A., B.D., Seagoe Rectory.

W. F. HAYES, B.A., L.Th., The Bungalow,

Lower Seagoe.



People's—J. R. REID.




A Happy New year to all our Readers.


January 1st—The Feast of the Circumcision.

(New Year's Day.)

January 5th—2nd Sunday after Christmas.

January 6th—Epiphany.

January 9th—Monthly Meeting of the Mothers' Union at 3.30 p.m.

January 12th—1st Sunday after Epiphany Service in Drumgor at 3 p.m.

January 19th—2nd Sunday after Epiphany.

January 25th—Conversion of St. Paul.

January 26th—3rd Sunday after Epiphany, Service in Hacknahay at 3.30 p.m.


My dear Friends,

I take this opportunity to wish you all God's

richest Blessing, both individually and in your homes,

during the year, upon which we have now entered.

The coming of a New Year, the passing of the Old, is

a very solemn reminder to us, that we have passed

another milestone in our journey through time, to

Eternity. It should be for us all, a time of recollection,

of self examination, and of rededication.

old year, which we have now left behind, was given

to us by Almighty God for a purpose. What was

that purpose? It was that we might use it in such a

way that God could work out His purpose in us, and

through us; in us because His will for us is that we

should grow in grace, which means growth in Christ

likeness; through us. because we can be His witnesses;

channels, through which His loving plan may

be brought home to other people. Let us ask ourselves,

then, have we progressed in Christ likeness,

have we grown in grace during 1940? If we are

spiritually alive, we should be able to discover some

progress, no matter how slow or how small it may

have been. " Grow in grace" is a New Testament

motto, it covers one aspect of the Christian's life,

but it is not the whole story. " Ye shall be my witnesses."

" We are God's fellow workers." These texts

bring out another aspect of the Christian life equally

important. " No man liveth unto himself." St. Paul,

long ago, in writing to some of the people whom he

had led to Christ, was able to say " Ye are our

Epistle known and read of all men." He meant, of

course, that by their lives, these men and women

were bearing eloquent testimony to the reality and

saving power of God in Christ. These thoughts

suggest the question :—What sort of a letter have I

written by my life during the year that is past? Has

it been in any sense a reminder to others, that the

love of God is a very real thing in human life, that

Jesus Christ is not only a hero, who lived and died

nineteen hundred years ago but that He lives and

strengthens and guides travellers on life's rough

highway to-day?

The days in which you and I are living are

momentous in more senses than one. The forces of

evil and godlessness are striving to overthrow and

banish from the world, all the things, which

Christians everywhere value. It is a special time of

testing for all, who profess and call themselves

Christians. We, and all who believe in God's way of life,


as it has been revealed in Christ are called to pray

and work for the defeat of evil, we are all in the

front line in this stupendous struggle. We are confident,

that with God's help victory will be achieved.

When victory comes there will be a task awaiting us

just as difficult, which will demand the best we can

give; it will be the task of building a new Christian

order on the ruins of the old. In this each one can,

and must, play a part. A truly Christian civilisation

cannot come into being, except in, and through, those

who profess to be Christ's disciples. Upon the

strength and vitality of our discipleship our success

will depend. Let us look upon the New Year of

1941 as God's gift to us, in which He is giving us

new opportunities to grow in grace, and to be

witnesses for Him, in a world, which sorely needs fresh

proof of the reality and value of the things of the spirit.

Let us then, as we set out into 1941 rededicate

ourselves to the service of Christ, and pray now and

always, for grace, that we may use aright the opportunities

for serving Him, which God's gift of a new

year will afford us. If we approach it in this spirit,

and use every day of it as a new gift from God then

1941 will indeed be a Happy and Prosperous one in

the highest sense, and which it is my earnest prayer

may be the experience of us all.—Your sincere friend,



The annual card collections for the above have been

completed. We print below the names of the collectors,

with amounts collected, and in doing so we

take this opportunity of expressing our sincere

thanks to them for their splendid help on behalf of

this very worthy cause. In spite of war conditions

we are glad to see that the return is slightly more

than last year's amount, but the contribution from

this parish is still very far short of what it should

be, when one takes into account the worthiness of

the cause, and the fact that he Society pays £30 per

annum to five orphans in this parish. We hope that,

when the collectors call again at the end of 1941, our

parishioners will bear in mind the importance and

urgency of the work of the Armagh P.O.S. in helping

those children, who have been deprived by death of

a parent's love and support.

The following preface, from the annual report Of

the County Armagh Protestant Orphan Society bears

out the above remarks appealing for greater support:

" Your Committee, in presenting this report, record

thankfulness to Almighty God that the work of

the Society has been maintained throughout another

year. During the year 14 orphans went off the Society's

books and 12 others were elected. The year

1939 began with 59 orphans in receipt of grants, and

the year 1940 began with 57. It is gratifying to note

that during the past year contributions from offertories

and collecting cards showed an increase on the

previous year of £10 3s 10d and £34 4s 11d,

respectively. Subscriptions were about the same.

It is, however, to be deplored that the income

from subscriptions, cards and offertories still meets

only a little more than half the cost of maintenance

of orphans. Even when income from investments

are taken into account, expenditure exceeded income

by almost £100.

The Committee respectfully urge every Parish in

the County to bear its fair share of the burden. That

this is a duty is surely a self evident fact. They also

solicit subscriptions from individuals who have the

welfare of our orphans at heart.

We again express our gratitude to those clergy,

parochial collectors. and subscribers who have

provided the Society's income during the past year, and

to Mr. A. E. R. Marks for auditing the accounts free

of charge."

Card Collections

Collections :—

Mrs Cathcart £2 1 0

Miss Sophie M'Murray £1 5 0

Miss Emma Walker £0 16 6

Miss Sparrow £2 4 6

Miss Magee (Drumnacanvey) £1 0 0

Miss E. Gibson £1 2 0

Miss W. Neill £1 8 6

Miss E. Magee £0 13 0

Miss Margaret Russell £1 14 0

Miss T. Anderson £1 5 6

Miss Isa Maginnis £3 3 0


£16 13 0

Interest on Bequest of

the late Miss Elizabeth Reid 0 7 0


Total £17 0 0

A cheque for the above total amount has been sent

to the Treasurer.



The carol service on the Sunday evening before

Christmas formed a fitting prelude to the festival.

On Christmas Day the attendances showed a

marked improvement, when compared with the

previous one, though it was very far below what it should

be, when we call to mind, that it commemorates the

corning of God into human life.

The choir and organist are to be congratulated on

their rendering of the special Christmas music, both

at the carol service and on Christmas Day. The

anthem was most appropriate, and Miss Montgomery's

voice was heard to good effect in the solo portion of it.



Morning Prayer—The Churchwardens, Messrs J.

Gee, D. Allen, J. Ward, Jas. Twinem.

Evening Prayer—Messrs. G. Wilson, A. Kirk, Thos.

Gracey, H. Ellis, W. H. Best, H. White.


Morning prayer—The Churchwardens, Messrs. H.

M. Gibson, R. Scott, Wm. Hutchinson, R. M'Murray.

Evening Prayer—Messrs. J. Walker, N. Campbell, T.

Stanfield, S. D. Walker, G. Nixon, J. M'Lough1in.


The Hon. Treas. for the above gratefully acknowledges

the receipt of the following subscriptions:—

Mr. S. Hall, Seagoe Upper £2 0 0

Mr. T. Hall, " Cordova" £2 0 0

Mr. Jos. Ward, Seagoe Upper £1 0 0

Mr. J. Wilson, Seafield £0 5 0

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephens, Levaghery £1 0 0

Miss D. Stephens, Levaghery £0 10 0

Mrs. A. Marks, Levaghery £0 10 0

Mrs. Hoy, Bridge Street £0 10 0

Mr. J. Shanks, Kernan £1 0 0

Mr. R. M'Clements, Bridge Street £5 0 0

Mr. S. M'Cormick, Margretta Park £4 0 0

Mr. C. Montgomery, Clounagh £5 0 0

Mr. W, A. Casey, Eden Crescent . £2 2 0

Mr. W. White, Bocombra House £1 0 0

Mr. John H. Twinem, Lylo £2 0 0


The Hon. Treasurer of the Select Vestry gratefully

acknowledges the receipt of 10/- for the above from

Mr. Robt. Neill and Miss Emily Neill.


Any subscriber wishing to send in envelopes in

arrears for 1940 should do so without delay, otherwise

such contributions cannot be acknowledged in the

annual financial report for 1940, which will be soon

going to Press.

It will be a great assistance to the Hon. W.F.O.

Secretary, Mr. J. H. Twinem, if subscribers would write

their names on the envelopes when they use them

for the first few Sundays in 1941. This helps

considerably in assuring accuracy when the names of

subscribers are being entered in the ledger.

The amounts enclosed should always be marked on

the outside of every envelope returned throughout

the year and great care should be taken to see that

the envelope is securely sealed.


The monthly meeting took place in Seagoe School

on Thursday, December 12th, at 3.30 p.m., when a

very helpful address was given by the Rev. J. F.

M'Alister, of St. Mark's.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, January 9th,

in Seagoe School, at 3.30 p.m., when it is hoped

there will be a special speaker.


We suffered heavy losses by death in recent weeks.

and to all who have been bereaved we extend our

sympathy and we have been remembering them in

our prayers.

Robert Richardson served faithfully and efficiently

as sexton for twenty two years. Though in recent

years he was in indifferent health, he carried on until

the day before his death, which came suddenly and

unexpectedly. He had many of the qualities which

go to make an ideal sexton; he was courteous, obliging,

unobtrusive, punctual and reverent in his demeanour

in God's house, and a regular communicant;

he will be greatly missed. Sophie Burrell passed away

after years of devoted attention to her invalid sister.

William Lyness will be much missed in the Clanrole

district. Mrs. Loney passed on after a very brief illness


Neill M'Donald and Kenneth Allen were infants,

who have been spared the sin, sorrow and

suffering of the world.



Dear Mr. Editor,

I wish to take this opportunity to thank very sincerely

and gratefully, all those, who by their gifts and

Willing cooperation. helped to make the Beetle Drive

such a success. May I assure the many friends of

Seagoe School, on behalf of my staff and myself, that

their loyal help on this occasion was much appreciated.

The result is stated below.


Received from Sale of Tickets and door

receipts £11 2 0

To total expenses 0 18 3

Net Profit £10 3 9


" Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid

them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God."

December 1st—Rachel Jane, daughter of Joseph and Edna May Watson, 3, Florence Court.

December 1st—George Boris, son of William J. G. and Emma Hunter, 12, Florence Court.



" Those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder."

December 2nd—Robert George M'Morran, Ballydougan, Portadown,

and Sarah May Livingstone, Drumnacanvey.

December 26th—Thomas Newell, 20, Alexandra Gardens, Portadown,

and Mary Evelyn 17, Railway Street, Portadown.

December 26th—Harry Finn, Baltylum, and Gladys Stanfield, Levaghery.


" Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from

henceforth, yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest

from their labours."

December 6th—Sophia Burrell, Lisniskey, aged 72 years.

December 6th—Robert Richardson, Seagoe Upper, aged 57 years.

December 13th—William Lyness, Cranrole, aged 74 years.

December 19th—Neill M'Donald, 22, Levaghery Gardens, aged months.

December 25th—Ann Loney, Killicomaine, aged 78 years. (Interred in Kilmore).

December 29th—Kenneth Allen, 2, Florence Court, Portadown, aged 10 ½ months.


HOLY COMMUNION—1st Sunday after Morning

Prayer; 3rd Sunday at 8 a.m., and on the Chief Festivals

HOLY BAPTISM—1st Sunday of each Month at 4 p.m.,

and during any Service in the Parish Church, notice to be

given; Two Sponsors at least are required. The father and

mother must be present. Churchings are held at each Baptism.

Mothers are expected to bring a thank offering. (See Book of

Common Prayer.)

MORNING PRAYER—Sundays and Chief Festivals,

11.30 a.m.

EVENING PRAYER—Sundays, 7 p.m.


Hacknahay—Last Sunday of Month at 3.30 p.m.

Drumgor—Second Sunday of Month at 3 p.m.

Edenderry—Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Oct—Easter.


BIBLE CLASSES FOR MEN in Edenderry on Sundays at 10.15 a.m.

SUNDAY SCHOOLS—10.15 a.m. Edenderry Parochial

Hall and Seagoe School. 3 p.m. Seagoe, Edenderry

Parochial Hall, Levaghery, Hacknahay, Carne, Drumgor, Bocombra

MOTHERS' UNION—2nd Tuesday of each month at 7.30 p.m.

CHURCH LADS' BRIGADE in the Parochial Hall on Tuesdays.

GIRLS' FRIENDLY SOCIETY in Seagoe School on Mondays at 8 p.m. as announced

G.F.S. Candidates - Oct. – Easter, Edenderry Parochial Hall, Saturdays at 3 p.m.

SEAGOE CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOUR SOCIETY – Mondays, Orange Hall, at 8 p.m.

SEAGOE P.E. SCHOOL—9.15 a.m. Principal—Mr. R. Scott.

MARRIAGES must be performed between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Licences are issued by Ven. Archdeacon Hannon, the Rectory, Lurgan. Due notice (48 hours) must be given to the Rector of intended weddings. FEES—BY License—Labourers 5/-, Tradesmen 10/-, Merchants and Farmers £1, Professional £l. By Banns 5/-.

FUNERALS will be attended by the Clergy if proper notice be given. SICK CASES should be notified to the Clergy without delay. FEES FOR CERTIFICATES—BAPTISM 3/7, Children (Factory) 1/- and 2/- (non-residents); MARRIAGE 3/7. An extra Search Fee is chargeable in certain cases. It will be a help to the Clergy if they are notified of the arrival of new Church families in the Parish.

A copy of the Magazine will be sent by post to any subscriber for 3/- per annum.


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