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June 1937


June 1937

Seagoe Parish Magazine.

JUNE, 1937


Rev. J. W. Appelbe, M.A.,

Carrickblacker Avenue.

Rev. W. F. Hayes, B.A., L.Th.,

The Bungalow, Lower Seagoe.


Rector's—JOHN H. TWINEM.






June 4th—Visit of the Diocesan Inspector of

Religious Education to Seagoe P. E.S.

June 6th—-2nd Sunday after Trinity.

June 8th—Mothers' Union Meeting at 7.45 p.m.

June 10th —Parochial Tea at Seagoe Rectory at 7 p.m.

June 12th—Choir Excursion to Portrush.

June 13th—3rd Sunday after Trinity.

June 20th—4th Sunday after Trinity.

June 24th—Sunday School Excursion to


June 27th—5th Sunday after Trinity.

Somme Anniversary Service in Parish

Church at 11.30 a.m.

June 29th—Confirmation Service, at 8 p.m.


On Sunday, May 9th, the Services in the

Parish Church were of an intercessory nature in

preparation for the crowning of the King at

Westminster Abbey on May 12th. Special forms

of service, recommended by the Bishop as suitable

for the occasion, were used, and the National

Anthem was heartily sung at the conclusion of

each service.

On Coronation day if was encouraging to see

so many at the Holy Communion service at 9

a.m. It was a fitting way to begin such a

solemn day for it was by that same service that

King George VI. and Queen Elizabeth dedicated

themselves to the service of God and their subjects.

It is no exaggeration to say that the whole Eng1ish

speaking world listened in to the broadcast

of the service, and to His Majesty's speech. In

this locality a fine day added to the enjoyment

of the public celebrations and the display of flags

and bunting in the town was worthy of the great



The Lord Bishop will visit Seagoe on Tuesday,

June 29th, and will hold a Confirmation Service

in the Church at 8 p.m. All candidates must be

in their places in Church at 7.30 p.m. The girls

will meet in the School at 7.15 to put on their


Service should mark a turning point in

the lives of over seventy of our young people. Let

us remember them in our prayers at this critical

point in their lives. Their parents are especially

requested to encourage them not only by their

but by their example. One aspect of Confirmation

is that those who are confirmed openly

proclaim themselves as soldiers of Jesus Christ,

they dedicate themselves to the service of God

and resolve to put God first. But the sad thing

is that such a good beginning is often spoiled by

the carelessness and indifference of parents, who

put a stumbling

block in the path of their children and we know

what a stern condemnation this

provokes from our Lord. If parents are slack and

careless about worshipping in God's House on


if they neglect the reading of the Bible

and private prayer in their homes, if they never

come to the Lord's Table as He has commanded

them to do, what else are they doing than

gesting to their children that these things do not




Already acknowledged in the April issue of this


Thos. Martin £ 0 10 0

Mrs. Turkington, Kernan . £ 0 5 0

John E. Lavery, Kilvergan £ 0 5 0

Mrs. Martin, Balteagh £ 0 5 0

Alphonso Kirk, Ballinacor £ 0 5 0

Charles Twinem, Lylo Villa £ 0 5 0

Mrs R J. Archer Drumgor £ 0 5 0

Thomas H. Walker, Kernan £ 0 5 0

Ephraim Collins, Kernan £ 0 5 0

Mrs. H. M. Campbell, Killicomaine £ 0 3 6

Andrew Costello, Tamnificarbet £ 0 2 6

Mrs. J. Roney, Goban St. £ 0 2 6

Dynes Tuykington, Killicomaine £ 0 2 6

Wm. Lyness, Clanrole £ 0 2 0

Mrs. S. Graeey, James St. £ 0 1 0

Mrs. Hall. James St. £ 0 1 0

Mrs. Rebill. James St. £ 0 1 0

Miss Eileen Dunlop, James St. £ 0 1 0

Arthur Forde £ 0 1 0

D. W. Kyle, Clanrolla £ 0 1 0

Miss Martha Russell, Knockmena £ 0 1 0

Anonymous £ 0 1 0

Mrs. Sharpe, James St. £ 0 0 6

TOTAL £56 12 4

The, above is the complete statement of the result

of the Lenten self-denial appeal for the Diocesan Endowment Fund and the money has been

forwarded to the Diocesan Office. We are grateful to all those returned envelopes.


The usual monthly meeting of the above was

held in Seagoe P.E. School on Tuesday, May 11 th at 7.30p.m.

There was a good number of

the members present. The Rev. W. F. Hayes

presided at the opening and after tea, he introduced Mrs. Bell, who had kindly motored

from Whitehouse to give the address. Mrs. Bell spoke of the part mothers could play in

maintaining the traditions

of the Empire; her address was a most

appropriate one for the eve of Coronation Day.

At the conclusion of her remarks the Rector expressed, on behalf of Seagoe Mothers' Union,

their best thanks to Mrs. Bell for her kindness

in coming to speak to them.

The next meeting will take place Tuesday, June 8th, in Seagoe School, at 7.45 p.m.,

when the speaker will be Mrs. C. Lamb of Richhill. As this will be the last meetiug until the

winter session commences a full attendance is requested.


On Tuesday, May 18th. in Seagoe School, the

superintendents and Teachers of the Morning

and Afternoon Sunday Schools had a guest tea

in order to supplement the funds. In spite of the

bright summer evening there was a fair attendance

and all present enjoyed the good things provided for tea.

After tea various musical items

were contributed—Mr. Stewart, piano-accordeon ;

Mr. W. D. Morrow, vocal solo; the Misses

Hanna, step dancing; the ' 'Harmonica Rascals"

Miss Ellie Tweedie, solo; Mr. T. Leeman,

mouth-organ; and Mr. C. Lawson, harmonica.

All the artistes were loudly applauded and encored.

As a result of the entertainment £5 9.s

was realised.

At the conclusion the Rector thanked the organisers and the artistes for their help.

Among those present we were glad to see old

Seagoe friends who are home from abroad, viz.,

Mr. and Mrs. McDowell, from U.S.A., and Mrs.

Porter, from Australia.


Their many friends in Seagoe Parish are delighted to welcome amongst them again Mr. and

Mrs. James McDowell who are at present on a visit to Seagoe from U.S.A.

We hope they will have a happy stay in these parts, where, doubtless, they will renew old acquaintances.

Some years ago, our readers will remember

seeing in this Magazine cover a photograph of

Mr. and Mrs McDowell's bungalow, which he built at Providence,

Rhode Island, U.S.A., which he named “ Seagoe. "


The Select Vestry: with the help of a

committee of the ladies of Seagoe Parish, are arranging

to hold a congregational tea party at the

Rectory on Thursday, June 10th

at 7 pm.

Invitation cards will be sent out in due course.

Provided the weather is favourable,

it should be

an enjoyable event; if the evening is wet it will

be held in Seagoe Scllool.


This annual event will take place to Warrenpoint on Thursday, June 24th. The train leaves

Portadown at 9.50 a.m. and returns from Warrenpoint at 8.35 p. m.,

Children's tickets, 2 - per head

including refreshments. Adults, 3 - per


head, including railway ticket and two meals;

adult's ticket without refreshments, 2 / -

The children from the various Sunday Schools are

asked to meet at Seagoe Church at 8.45 a.m..,

punctually, when they will proceed to the station.

The Superintendents will supply tickets to

their pupils and adult tickets call also be had

from them.


We regret to have to record the passing of two:

parishioners this month. Robert Nicholson was

called home after a tedious illness, when

in his teens. He was a bright young lad of much

promise and at one time a valued member of the

C. L. B. , but though young he had a deep experience of the Saviour's power.

Mrs. Graccey had been in failing health for

number of years, but she bore her increasing

weakness with courage and cheerfulness.

She was a kind, good woman, and will be greatly

missed by those who know her. To the bereaved

we extend our respectful sympathy, and we pray

that God may comfort and strengthen them in

their great sorrow.



The annual Training Corps Camp will be held

at Bangor, Co. Down, this year, from Saturday,

17th July, to Saturday, 24th July: An ideal site

has been secured on the outskirts of Bangor, convenient

to the shove. Over lads will be in

camp from the Battalion.

Rev. W. F. Hayes, B.A., will be in camp for

the full period as Camp Chaplain.

The Officers of our Seagoe Company are making

an effort to encourage boys to attend the camp;

a few have already promised to go.

The charge for the week is 15 / - per Lad. As

special encouragement to the Training Corps

it has been agreed that the boy will pay 10/-.

Company funds will give the other 5/-,

A saving fund is already started and boys can

pay in each week what they wish towards their

camp payments.

The Officers in charge of the Training Corps

Camp give their full time to make the boys' holiday complete.

Parents can rest assured that the boys are well

looked after.

Advantage should be taken of the fact that the

Rev. Hayes will in camp this year.

How many will Seagoe send? (E. M.)

(In next month's issue we hope to print an account of the C. L. B. annual inspection.)


" Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord

from henceforth, yea, saith the Spirit, that they

may rest from their labours. "

May 3rd – Robert George Nicholson. 13 Eden Avenue, aged 18 years.

May 10th – Priscilla Gracey, Balteagh, aged 56 years.


Church-going is not Religion. Neither are

Prayer Praise, and Bible, Reading. But: these

are, divinely appointed means of grace, food for

spiritual life, without which souls perish, as

our bodies would be deprived of their natural food.

The true man goes to Church to offer God a

service, which it, is his duty and his privilege to

offer. He goes because God says "Whoso offereth

Me thanks and praise he honoureth Me" ;

because his Saviour said, " Where two or three

are gathered together in My name there am I in

the midst of them" ;

because He ' said,

Whosoever will confess Me before men, him will

I confess before My Father" ; because Christ, set

example Himself; because He solemnly bade us

to remember Him in His Holy Supper ; because

He founded the Church, loved the Church, and

made if the one means of proclaiming His love

and His sacrifice through all ages and in all

lands; because His Word tells us that if we

forsake the assembling of ourselves together, we

cut ourselves off from Christ and from all hope

in His cross.

Plenty of hypocrites go to church, no doubt,

but far more hypocrites claim to be quite good

Christians without it. Christian duties are often

observed by hypocrites, to gain credit with men.

Many people give to charities from hypocrisy.

That does not make almsgiving less a Christian

duty, nor does it make it possible for one to be

a Christian without it.

For those who claim to be Christians to

neglect Church-going is a mean thing.

It is disloyalty to God. It is a slight to Christ.

It refuses God what he declares is an honour to

Him. It is a refusal to seek the promised presence of Christ.

It is a refusal to follow His example. It is a refusal to obey His commands.

And it is a selfish thing. It encourages others

to disobey God. and to despise the helps to faith

and a right life which He has ordained. Parents

guilty of it, teach their children by their example

to despise God, His will, His word, His honour,

His day, and to neglect prayer. They teach their

children to slight their Saviour. They kill the

faith of their children, telling them indeed to be

good and to seek God, but, at the same time, setting

them an example of despising God's Name,

God's House, and God's Commandments, their

conduct proving their words the merest empty


And it, is a foolish thing. For where else

are we encouraged to do right and to lay hold on

eternal life? Where else are we reminded of the

sinfulness of sin? Where else are we warned of

the duty of knowing ourselves, and of the eternal

consequences of our lives here? Where else is

Christ, proclaimed as the Saviour every one of us

has need of, the only Saviour man ever has


Oh, I can read my Bible just, as well at home,

says one. Thou hypocrite! No reading of the

Bible ever did any man any good whatever. Unless

it sent him out determined to obey the Bible,

to practice what it teaches.

And neglect of Church-going is a cowardly

thing. It is a refusal to confess Christ. Men are

ashamed to acknowledge their Master, yet want

to be called Christians. That is cowardly. It is

dishonest. They deny Him on His day before

the world. They deny Him the honour due unto

His Name. They deny Him the loyal obedience

which is His right. They despise the means of

grace and of help He has appointed. And He

has said, " Whosoever will confess Me before

men, him will I confess." But what confession

then do they make? And how can they honestly

confess Him in the face of their open public denial

of His right to their obedience, to their time

and to their worship?

This neglect always kills faith. You cannot

trust, a God whom you slight, neglect, dishonour,

and disobey in this matter. It kills love.

“If a man love Me," said Jesus, “ he will keep my words”

“Ye are My friends if ye do the things that I command. "

“ This, " says S. John, "is

the love of God, that we keep His Commandments. "

It kills hope. One can expect nothing

from a God he thinks little of disobeying, whom

he is careless to honour, whose promised presence

he despises. Every one of us must, individually

and personally, approach the Saviour of the world

and obtain from Him salvation and life eternal.

But as well as this, God has made it most, plain

that each must, enter His family and become a,

member of His Church. It was so from the days

of Abraham, those who refused to join were cut

off from his people. Under the Gospel it is the

same. S. Paul or Cornelius might be miraculously

converted, even so they had to be baptised, to

join God's family to enter His Kingdom. God

had His His Temple, His Church,

not merely to bind men to Him, but also to bind

them to one another, to strengthen, to encourage,

and to support one another in their efforts after

uprightness of life. Those who despise the public

worship of God are not only sinners against

Him and against their own souls, but also against

their fellow-men. They cause their brethren to

stumble, no light offence before their Judge. If

all were to follow their selfish example the very

name of Christ would be forgotten by the world.

Church-going is not Religion, and plenty of

Church-goers are hypocrites. Granted. But all

who trust God will go, and all who love will go.

and all who are unselfish will go, and all who are

brave will go. For more than ever. these are

days when men whose hearts are true, must

their convictions and stand up for them, and

suffer for them if need be. They will go both

a duty and as a pleasure. Both to honour God

and to strengthen their own faith and love. Both

to offer service to the Saviour who died for them.

and to band with their brothers in His cause. For

they know well that all that has been done for

God in our world, and all that has been done to,

raise and ennoble man, has been done by those

who have sought and found inspiration and guidance

and strength in the House of God, which is

the Church of the Living God, the pillar and

ground of the truth.


HOLY COMM UNION—1st Sunday after Morning

Prayer ; 3rd Sunday at 8 a.m., and on the Chief


HOLY BAPTISM—1st Sunday of each Month at 4

p.m., and during any Service in the Parish Church,

notice be given ; Two Sponsors at least are required

and they must be Confirmed Members of the Church,

Churchings are held at each Baptism. Mothers are

expected to bring a thankoffering. (See Book of

Common Prayer )

MORNING PRAYER—Sundays and Chief Festivals,

11 30 a m.

EVENING PRAYER—Sundays, 7 p.m.


Hacknahay—Last Sunday of Month at 3-30 p,m.

Drumgor—Second Sunday of Month at 4 p.m.

Edenderry—Services as announced.


BIBLE CLASS FOR MEN in Edenderry on

Sundays at 10-15 a.m.

SUNDAY SCHOOLS -10 a.m. Edenderry Parochial

Hall and Seagoe School. 3 p.m. Seagoe, Edenderry

Parochial Hall, Levaghery, Hacknahay, Carne,

Drumgor, Bocombra,

MOTHERS' UNION—2nd Tuesday of each month

at 7-30 p.m.

CHURCH LADS' BRIGADE in the Parochial Hall

on Tuesdays and Fridays,


alternate Mondays at 8 p.m.

SEAGOE P.E. SCHOOL, 9-15 a.m. Principal—Mr.

R. Scott.

MARRIAGES must be performed between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Licenses are issued by Ven. Archdeacon Hannon

Rectory, Lurgan. Due notice (48 hours) must be given to the Rector of intended weddings FEES—BY License—

Labourers 5/—, Tradesmen 10/—, Merchants and Farmers 15/-, Professional £1. By Banns 5/- FUNERALS will be attended by the Clergy if proper notice be given.

SICK CASES should be notified to the Clergy without delay.

FEES FOR CERTIFICATES—BAPTISM 3/7, Children (Factory) 1/- and 2/- (non residents); MARRIAGE 3/7 An extra Search Fee is chargeable in certain cases.

It will be a help to the Clergy if they are notified of the

arrival of new Church families in the Parish.

A copy of the Magazine will be sent by post to any subscriber for 3/- per annum.


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