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March 1936


March 1936

Seagoe Parish magazine.

MARCH, 1936.

A Text for Tent.

I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever

before me. Ps. li, 3.

A Prayer,

Almighty and everlasting God, who hatest

nothing that thou hast made, and dost forgive

the sins of all them that are penitent: Create

and make in us new and contrite hearts, that we,

worthily lamenting our sins, and acknowledging

our wretchedness, may obtain of thee, the God

of all mercy, perfect remission and forgiveness ;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Season of Lent.

We have entered on the season of Lent, the

time set apart, each year by the Church in which

her members are invited and directed to turn

their thoughts to the great questions of " Sin

and the Duty of Repentance." Even an Apostle

had to acknowledge that he perceived the Law

of Sin working in his members, how much more

then is there need for the average man or woman

to search the deep things of the heart and to see

how they stand in relation to the God Whom they

profess to serve. At the Services in the Parish

Church on Sundays and on Wednesdays (at 8

p.m.) special addresses will be given appropriate

to the season, and we heartily invite our people

to be present.

Death of Mr. James Vance.

It is with much regret that we record this

month the death of Mr. James Vance, of 22

Bridge St., who passed away somewhat suddenly

on Wednesday, February 20th. He had been in

weak health for some time but the end came unexpectedly.

Mr. Vance, or " Jim Vance" as he

was called by all his friends, was beloved by

many and respected by all. He possessed the

genius of Friendship and had a bright and cheery

word for everyone. The children loved him, and

any person who happened to be in poverty or dis-

tress found in him a generous friend and helper.

He will be much missed in Edenderry, where he

had lived for so many years and where he and

Mrs. Vance had so many friends. The funeral

took place on Saturday to the new Burial ground

at Seagoe Church. At the service in the Parish

Church the Rector gave a short address and


Rev. Chancellor Archer, B.D., The Rectory,


Rev. W. F. Hayes, B.A., The Bungalow, Lower

Seagoe, Portadown.


Rector's—-Mr. H. MURRAY GIBSON.



spoke of the spirit of Friendship and Brotherliness

which made Mr. Vance so popular with all.

He expressed his deep sympathy with Mrs

Vance and Miss Johnston in their loss. The

Rev. W. F. Hayes also took part in the service.

There was a very large attendance at the funeral.

The Missionary Play-

'The Parochial Hall was crowded, gallery and

all, at the performance of the Missionary Play

"Wheat from the Sieve, " on Thursday, February

13th. No less than 42 players had most

kindly come from Lurgan to give the play on behalf

of the Church Renovation Fund. The Rev.

D. Boulger, Curate of Shankill, accompanied the

party. The Rector (Rev. Chancellor Archer)

introduced the players in a few appropriate

words. Miss Ruth Armstrong (a niece of Mrs.

James Twinem) played the principal part very

impressively, but every player did very well and

the whole performance was excellent. We give

here a statement of the receipts and expenditure.

Tickets sold. £ 13 4s 6d; subscription, £ 1; advertisement, 12s.—£14 16s 6d. By Balance,

£2 16s 6d—£12.

Printing tickets, 15s; Hall, 10s; printing bills,

3s; 'Bus and Costumes, £13s 6d; cleaning, 3s—

16s 6d. Net proceeds—£12.

Shamrock Guest Tea.

The Committee of the Mothers' Union are

arranging for a Shamrock Guest Tea to be held in

Edenderry Parochial Hall on Tuesday, March

17th (St. Patrick's Day) at 7.30 p.m. Each

member of the Committee is inviting a certain

number of guests. Each guest will be expected

to put a gift, of money on the plate, which will

be placed on their table. The contributions will

be given to the Seagoe Church Renovation Fund


Temperance Sunday.

The First Sunday in Lent, March 1st, will be

observed as Temperance Sunday. Sermons at

Morning and Evening Prayer will be preached on

the subject of " Temperance,

and the offerings at both Services will be given in part to the

Diocesan Temperance Society and the Irish Temperance Alliance.

Carne Prize-Giving.

On Monday, February 17th, Carne held its annual Prize-giving.

The room was crowded with a very enthusiastic gathering of teachers,

parents and children. The Rector presided, and

the Rev. W. F. Hayes was also present. A

plentiful supply of tea and cake was provided

and full justice was done to it. An attractive

programme of songs and recitations was given by

the young people. After the songs and recitations

round games were enjoyed and were entered

into with great spirit by old and young. " The

Farmer wants a wife" is played with more zeal

in Carne than in any other part of the Parish.

On the invitation of the Rector, Mrs. Sloan (formerly

Miss Cissie Price) presented the prizes to

the successful children. A splendid selection of

books was given. The Rector and the Rev. W.

F. Hayes, in brief speeches, thanked all who had

so kindly helped, and congratulated Mr. George

Wilson, the energetic Superintendent, on the

success of the Sunday School.

A Special Vestry.

On Tuesday, March 3rd, a special meeting

of the Select Vestry will be held in Seagoe

School at 8 o'clock to consider the Renovation

of the Church.

Seagoe Mothers' Union.

A meeting of the Committee of the Mothers'

Union will be held in Seagoe School on Tuesday,

March 3rd, at 8 o'clock. On Tuesday, March

10th, the monthly meeting of the Mothers'

Union will be held in Seagoe School at 7.30.

An address will be given to the members by

"Miss Hilda Macoun, formerly District Nurse in

Portadown, on " Health and Hygiene.

Edenderry Sunday School Concert

An attractive. Musical Evening will be given

in the Parochial Hall on Thursday, March 26th,

at 8 p.m. Tickets, 9d each. Proceeds on behalf

of Edenderry Sunday School Prize Fund.

Seagoe Prizes,

On Friday, Feb. 14th, the children attending

Seagoe Morning and Afternoon Sunday School

assembled in Seagoe School for their annual

social. The children filled the large schoolroom,

and after a splendid tea, a programme of music

and recitations was performed by the children.

The prizes were very numerous. There were

many beautiful Bibles and attractive story books.

The Rector and the Rev. W. F. Hayes were present.

The Rector thanked the Superintendents,

Mr. Scott and Miss Guy, for their help in the

important work of the Sunday School. During

the evening an impressive address was given by

the Rev. Forde Patterson, Curate of St. Mark's,

Portadown, on the word " Watch." His words

were listened to with close attention by the

children. Mr. Scott also spoke to the children.

An Interesting Lecture.

The Dean of Dromore, the Very Rev. A. E.

Myles, M.A., Rector of Tullylish, delivered a very

interesting historical lecture in the Parochial

Hall on Thursday, Feb. 27th, at 8 p.m. The lecture

was illustrated by a fine set of lantern

slides. The Dean began his lecture by a general

sketch of the 17th century in Irish history,

and then showed the slides. The Dean is one

of our leading authorities on that period and has

made a special study of the incidents occurring

in Ireland during that critical era. Some of the

slides were of very rare occurrences and all were

of great interest. Captain Mitchell, of the Seagoe

C.L.B., arranged for the lecture and gave

good help at the lantern. The proceeds were on

behalf of the - Seagoe C. L. B. uniform Fund.

There was a large attendance, and at the close

the Rector, who presided, proposed a vote of

thanks to the Dean, which was seconded by Captain

Mitchell and passed by hearty acclamation.


Special Services.

On each Wednesday during Lent a special Service

will be held in the Parish Church at 8 p.m.

Special Services were held in the Parish Church

on Ash Wednesday, February 25th. At the

morning Service (11.30 a.m.) the Penitential

Service was held. At the Evening Service the

Rector preached on " Our Lord's Temptation.

The Beresford Fund.

The Seagoe Select Vestry made an application

to the Lord Primate for a grant from the Beresford

Fund towards the cost of renovation of the

Church, and the Lord Primate has most generously

given in response a grant of £40. This

will be a great help when supplemented by the

sums already in hand and by the proceeds of

other efforts now being made in the Parish.

Edenderry Prizes,

The annual Distribution of Prizes awarded in

Edenderry Morning and Afternoon Sunday

Schools will be distributed in the Parochial Hall

on Monday, March 16th, at 7.30 p.m.

Our Advertisements.

In this issue of the Magazine many new advertisements

fill our advertising columns. We

are glad to say the same firms are still advertising,

but they have inserted new matter. So we

ask our readers to read with careful eye each

advertisement. You are sure to find just what

you require best and cheapest.


HOLY COMMUNION 1st Sunday after Morning

Prayer ; 3rd Sunday at 8 a.m., and on the Chief


HOLY BAPTISM—1st Saturday of each Month at 3

p m., and during any Service in the Parish Church,

notice be given ; Two Sponsers at least are required

and they must be Confirmed Members of the Church.

Churchings are held at each Baptism. Mothers are

expected to bring a thankoffering.

(See Book of Common Prayer. )

MORNING PRAYER—Sundays and Chief Festivals,

11-30 a.m.

EVENING PRAYER—Sundays, 7 p.m


Hacknahay—Last Sunday of Month at 3-30 p.m.

Drumgor—Sccond Sundav of Month at 4 p.m.

Edenderry—Wednesdays at 8 p.m.


Twenty-five Years Ago.


This old issue of the Magazine announced a

Lecture to be given by the Rev. W. T. Grey

Five Years in Japan. '

Mr. Grey had returned on a holiday from his Missionary

work in Japan. Six Baptisms are recorded in

Parochial list, and five Burials. A list of Lent

Preachers is also given. Accounts of Sunday

School Prize Distributions occupy a long space

At Carn wee Joe Hynes delighted everyone with

his patriotic songs. " He is the youngest

performer in Seagoe Parish." Mr. R. J. McKitterick,

who had just resigned the post of Superintendent,

of Seagoe Afternoon Sunday School

was presented with a handsomely bound Teacher's

Bible. The Misses Dawson are announced

to sail on February 4th by the s.s. Beldragon for

Rio de Janeiro, South America.

Turnpike Gates in Seagoe Parish" is the subject of

Old Seagoe Notes. "

MARCH, 1911.

The issue of this Magazine for March, 1911

contains portraits of the then new Churchwardens,

Charles Collins and Thomas Reid,

now, alas, numbered with the departed. A robbery

at the Church on Tuesday, 21st, is

also recorded. As everything of value had be

carefully locked up the thieves got practically

nothing. Sergeant Long tracked them as far as

Lisburn. A Jumble Sale is announced for March

4th. A gymnastic entertainment is announced

for March 21st by the Seagoe Physical Cultural

Team, in Carne Church Hall.

In Old Seagoe Notes the subject dealt with is

"Old Seagoe Songs. " Three Baptisms are recorded.


BIBLE CLASS FOR MEN in Edenderry on

Sundays at 10 a.m.

SUNDAY SCHOOLS 10 a.m. Edenderry Parochial

Hall and Seagoe School. 3 p.m. Seagoe, Edenderry

Parochial Hall, Levaghery, Hacknahay, Carne,

Drumgor, Bocombra.

MOTHERS' UNION—2nd Tuesday of each month

at 730 p.m.

CHURCH LADS' BRIGADE in the Parochial Hall

on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Mondays at 8 p.m.

SEAGOE P.E. SCHOOL, 9-15 a.m. Principal—Mr.

R. Scott.

MARRIAGES must be performed between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Licenses are issued by Rev. Canon Hannon Rectory, Lurgan. Due notice (48 hours) mus be given to the Rector Of intended weddings. FEES—BY License—-

Labourers 5/- Tradesmen 10/-, Merchants and Farmers 15/-, Professional, at. By Banns 5/-. FUNERALS will be attended by the Clergy if proper notice be given. SICK CASES should be notified to the Clergy without delay

FEES FOR CERTIFICATES BAPTISM 3/7, Children (Factory) 1/- and 2/- (non-residents); MARRIAGE 3/7

An extra Search Fee is chargeable in certain cases

It will be a help to the Clergy if they are notified of the

arrival of new Church families in the Parish.

A copy of the Magazine will be sent post free to any subscriber for 3/- per annum.


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