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Nov 1939


Nov 1939

Seagoe Parish Magazine.



J. W. APPELBE, M.A., B.D., Seagoe Rectory.

REV. W. F. HAYES, B.A., L.Th., The Bungalow,

Lower Seagoe.


Rector's—S. McCORMICK.

People's—J. G. GRACEY, J.P.





Nov. 1st—All Saints' Day.

Nov. 5th—22nd Sunday after Trinity.

Nov. 7th—Annual Diocesan Synod.

Nov. 9th—Mothers' Union Monthly Meeting at 3.30 p.m.

Nov. 12th—23rd Sunday after Trinity.

Armistice Service in Parish Church at 11.30 a.m.

Nov. 19th—24th Sunday after Trinity.

Nov. 26th—Sunday next before Advent.

Nov. 29th—Meeting of Sunday School Teachers at 8 p.m.

Nov. 30th—St. Andrew.


On behalf of the Select Vestry we gratefully acknowledge

the following amounts received in response to their

"Thank-offering Appeal" on Sunday, October 15th:

£2 each—Miss I. A. Atkinson; Mrs. G. Appelbe.

£l 10s—Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Maginnis.

£1 1s—Mr and Mrs. W. A. Casey.

£1 each—Rev. G. H. Daunt; Mr. and Mrs. J. R.

Reid; Mrs. T. D. Gibson; Mr. J. A. Brownlee; Mr. and

Mrs. John H. Twinem.

12s 6d—Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Gracey.

10s each—Mr. and Mrs. D. Stoops; the Misses A. and

L. M'Donald; Mr. Jas. Maginnis; Mr. T. Rocke; Mr.

G. Steenson; Mr. Thos. Martin; Mr. and Mrs. Wolsey

White; Messrs. Geo. and Leonard Wilson; Mr. and

Mrs. Cathcart; Miss Margaret Reid; Mr. A. E.

Pickering; Mrs. M. Porter; Mr. and Mrs. B. Ryans;

Mr. H. M. Gibson; Miss R. Calvert; Mr. S. M'Cormick;

Mr. and Mrs. J. Shanks; Mrs. Ballantyne; Mr. E.

Preston; Miss G. E. Atkinson; Mr. and Mrs. T. H.

Walker; Mr. R. Scott; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lavery;

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wilson; Mr. J. Sands; Miss

Dawson; Miss N. K. Montgomery; Mr. Sam Walker;

Mr. J. W. Cox and family; Miss M. Marshall; Mrs.

Watson Walker; Mr. Samuel Watters; Mr. Holmes

White; Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Ryans; Mr. R. White; Mr.

R. M'Clements; Mr. and Mrs. S. Jennett; Miss N.

Montgomery; Miss H. Walker; Mr. W. J. Dickson.

7s 6d each—Mr. Sherman; Mr. and Mrs. John


7s each—Mr. John Campbell; Mr. and Mrs. Jas.


5s each—Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephens; Mr. and Mrs. S.

Abraham; Miss M. B. Gracey; Mr. Nicholas Campbell;

Miss L. Monroe; Mrs. Hunniford; Mr. and Mrs.

R. McMurray; Mr. and Mrs. E. Collins; Mrs. M. E.

Lewie; Mr. and Mrs. Stanfield; Mr. Thos. Coulter;

Miss Margaret Lewie; Miss Elizabeth Neill; Miss May

Johnston; Mr. W. H. Best; Mr. Isaac Walker; Mr. and

Mrs. Norman Guy; Miss Agnes Guy; Mr. S. Hall; Mr.

Jos. Ward; Mr. H. Maxwell; Mrs. Maxwell; Mrs.

Vance; Mr. G. Matchett; Miss M. E. Lavery; Mr.

Mrs. J. W. Mayes; the Misses D. and A. Stephens;

Mr. and Mrs. A. Kirke; Mrs. S. McCormick; Miss

E. Monroe; Mr. S. Wortley; Miss Emily Neill; Mr. R.

Ruddock; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bell; Miss Sadie

Maginnis; Mr. John McLoughlin; Mr. G. Moore; Mr.

John England; Mrs. Sherman; Mr. and Mrs. T.

Gordon; Mr. W. G. Best; Miss Grace Robinson; Mr.

R. J. Gray; Mrs. A. Metcalf; Mr. and Mrs. John

Lyness; Mr. Jos. Monroe; Mr. and Mrs. G. Nixon; Mr.

W. R. Sherman; Messrs. Robt. and Wm. Wilson; Mr.

and Mrs. D Allen; Messrs. G. and T. Wilson; Mr. T.

M. Ingram; Mr. and Mrs. G. Price; Mr. and Mrs.

Leonard Mayes; Mr. Wm. White; Mr. and Mrs. Jack

Walker; Mr. and Mrs. T. Hall; Mr. Robt. Neill; Mr.

Jas. Shepherd; Mr. and Mrs. Archie Gibson; Mr. and

Mrs. G. Leake; Miss Elizabeth Gracey; Mr. and Mrs.

W. T. C. Ward.

4s each—Miss Sadie Best; Mr. J. W. Roney; Mr.

Joshua Chambers; Mrs. Best; Miss Isa Best; Miss

Sophia Bradshaw; Mr. and Mrs. D. Webb.

3s 6d each—Mrs. C. Magee; Miss E. Magee; Mr. and

Mrs. D. Turkington; Mr. and Mrs. McLoughlin; Mr.

Thos. Gracey.

3s each—Mr. and Mrs. John Gracey; Mr. and Mrs.

Kearns; Mr. and Mrs. R. Phillips; Mr. Sinnamon;

Mr. and Mrs. S. Guy; Mr. J. Gee; Mrs. W. M'Dowell;

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Costello; Mr. and Mrs.

F. Heasley; Mrs. Mary Kirk.

2s 6d each—Mr. G. Wilson; Miss Rachel Gracey; Mr.

Alfred McLoughlin; Mr. Sam Preston; Mr. C. Kirkpatrick;

Mr. T. Shanks; Mr. D. Sherman; Mr. W. J. McLoughlin;

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. McNeill; Mr. Wm. Neill; Mr. and Mrs.

T. Laverty; Miss Hannah Russell; Miss Mary Coulter;

Mr. R. Calliston; Mrs. D. A. Rocke; Mr. Geo. Robinson;

Mr. Harold Walker; Mr. Wilson McKinney; Mrs. Eliz.

Anderson; Miss J. Watters; Mr. and Mrs. J. Hickland;

Miss Edna Gray; Miss Maud Coulter; Mrs. E. Preston;

Mrs. W. J. McLoughlin; Mrs. Marks; Mrs. McClements;

Mr. Thos. Maginnis; Mrs. A. Costello; Mr. Richard

Maxwell; Mr. Watson Wilson; Mr. Frank Anderson;

Mrs. Mary Williams; Miss O. Gracey; Miss Myrtle

Caddell; Mr. Henry Ellis; Mr. G. Gracey; Mr. and Mrs.

Guy; Mr. and Mrs. Trenier; Miss L. Maxwell; Mr. John

Martin; Miss M. Martin; Miss S. E. Wilson; Mr. and

Mrs. John Walker; Miss M. L. Best; Miss J. Finney;

Miss Sands; Miss McCombie; Mr. Foster Shanks;

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Taylor; Mr. W. R. Gracey; Mr.

and Mrs. John Gordon; Mrs. M'Nally; Mr. Wm.

Elliott; Mr. Thos. J. Hoy; Mr. Harold Watson; Mr.

Jim Jennett; Miss P. Preston; Mr. and Mrs. D. Cordy;

Mr. John Devlin; Mrs. Neill; Miss M. Watters; Mrs.

Lutton; Mr. T. H. Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. R. Hoy;

Mrs. D. Kane; Mrs. D. Kyle; Mr. and Mrs. T. J.

Dundas; Miss Peggy Caddell; the Misses Wilson;

Miss Essie Mayes; Mr. J. Hoy; Mr. and Mrs. Joe

Russell; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown; Miss M. Bradshaw;

Mr. and Mrs. H. Sinnamon; Mr. R. Williamson; Mr.

and Mrs. Joe McKnight; Mr. S. J. Ruddell; Mr. E.

Mitchell; Mr. W. Hutchinson; Mrs. E. Mitchell;

Mrs. J. Hoy; Mrs. S. J. Preston; Mr. Joseph

McLoughlin; Mrs. Richardson; Mr. Jos. Bradshaw;

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stevenson; Mrs. T. Martin.

2s each—Mr. Frank Girvan; Mrs. A. Magee; Mr.

J. Sloan; Mr. A. Allen (junr.); Mr. and Mrs. W. J.

England; Miss Maggie Coulter; Miss McClements;

Miss H. Anderson; The Misses McCormick; Mr. Sam

Coulter; Mr. Alf. Loney; Miss T. Anderson; Miss S.

Coulter; Mr. and Mrs. Moses Gilpin; Mr. R. Walker;

Miss S. Montgomery; Mr. and Mrs. McClatchey; Mrs.

Loney; Mr. A. Guy; Miss R. J. Gracey; Mrs. Jane

Woods; Mr. and Mrs. John Ramsey; the Misses Minnie

and Lily Lyness; Miss H. Webb; Mr. Jas. Allen; Mr.

and Mrs, W. H. Currie; Mr. and Mrs. John Forbes;

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Gracey; Mr. and Mrs. R.

Williamson; Mr. Walter Currie; Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

Gracey; Mr. T. Hoy; Mr. and Mrs. J. Turkington;

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McMurray; Mr. and Mrs. W. J.

Cunningham; Miss Margt. Gracey; Mr. G. Simpson;

Mr. J. McLough1in; Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Neill; Mrs.

Coulter; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Walsh; Mr. and Mrs.

A. Guy; Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Ellis; Messrs. Tom and

Joe McMurray; Mrs. Rainey; Mrs. S. D. Walker; Mr.

R. H. Best; Mr. Gardiner Atkinson; Mrs. Hynes; Mr.

and Mrs. T. Woods; Mr. E. Gibson; Mr. and Mrs.

Thos. Coulter; Mr. Joe Craig; Mr. and Mrs. Geo.

Magee; Mr. Jas. Porter; Mr. J. Gracey; Mr. Thos.

Courtney; Mr. W. J. McBroom; Mrs. J. Allen; Mr.

and Mrs. Jas Craig; Miss Sarah Kearns; Mr. and Mrs.

F. Cregan; Mr. and Miss Dunlop; Mr. and Mrs. J. H.

England; Mrs. Dawson; Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Russell;

Miss O. Coulter; Mr. T. Best; Mr. S. D. Walker; Mrs.

Campbell; Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McCormick; Mr. J.


1s 6d each—Mrs. Pentland; Miss S. M. Porter;

Mrs. Sarah Best; Mr. and Mrs. Q. Lester; Mr. Wm.

Fleming; Mrs. M. J. Robinson; Mr. John Mitchell;

Mr. W. R. Pentland; Mrs. McKay and family; Mr.

R. Wilson Robinson; Miss Rebecca Turkington; Mrs.

Gibson; Mrs. McDougall; the Misses I. and M.

Gracey; Miss Rachel Turkington.

1s 3d—Mr. H. McCourt.

1s each—Mrs. Killow; Harry Forsythe; Miss

Sinnamon; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Magee; Mr. Isaac

Clayton; Mr. Wm. Forde; Mr. T. R. Guy; Mr. D

Guy (junr.); Miss Jean Bell; Miss R. Flannigan;

Wm Heyburn; Miss Annie Kilpatrick; Mrs. Currie;

Mrs. W. H. Harrison; Miss Margt. Russell; Mr. Richd.

Porter; Mr. and Mrs. C. Clark; Mr. and Mrs. Jos.

Holland; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Watson; Miss May Simpson;

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McKerr; Miss I. McBroom;

Mrs. Shields; Mr. R. Richardson; Miss May Mayes;

Miss Sarah Neill; Mrs. A. McCormick; Mrs. Ethel

Best; Miss Helen Stanfield; Miss Nan Mayes;

Herbert Livingstone; Miss Amy Cousins; Miss Eva

Connolly; Mr. Jas. M'Courtney; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew

Wright; Mr. Sam McCoo; Miss C. Guy; Mr. and Mrs.

Jas. Boyce; Messrs. Wm. R. and G. Russell; Mr.

Simpson; Mr. Jas. Neill (junr.); Miss Hickland;

Alex. Lavery; Mr. Nelson Hall; Mrs. Pentland; Miss

E. Flannigan; Mr. John Flannigan; Mr. W. J. Glassey;

Miss Emily Neill; Mr. and Mrs. J. Porter; Mr. and

Mrs. Thompson; Mr. and Mrs. T. Nesbitt; Mr. T. R

McCauley; Miss Lily Ruddell; Mr. and Mrs. W. J.

Kilpatrick; Mrs. Emma Hughes; Mrs. Frazer; Mr.

Harry McNeill; Mr. W. J. Lyness; Miss E. Gibson;

Mr. Howard Neill; Mr. Wm. Hall; Miss Minnie White;

Mr. John Sharp; Miss Maisie Steenson; Mr. Thos. J.

Gordon; Mr. Jas. Reid; Mr. David Campbell; Mr. Jas.

Atkinson; Mr. Saml. G. McNeill (junr.); Miss Annie

Roney; Mr. Sam Roney; Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Magee;

Miss Olive Guy; Mr. Sinclair Houston; Mr. Arthur

Allen (senr.); Mr. N. Crawford; Miss Martha Russell;

Mr. Wm. Jennett; Miss Hannah Gracey; Miss Mary

Campbell; Miss M. Treanor; Miss Gladys Stanfield;

Miss Maggie Ruddell; Miss Eileen Cousins; Mr. and

Mrs. Frank Treanor; Mrs. Pentland; Mr. John Vennard;

Mrs. McCabe; Mr. J. Best; Miss E. Thompson;

Mr. R. Neill; Miss Sophie McMurray; Miss M. Allen;

Mr. Geo. Connolly; Mr. and Mrs. W. Simpson; Mr. R.

Hamilton; Mr. Victor Porter; Mrs. Hall; Mrs. Cummings;

Miss C. Kirby; Mrs. Robinson; Mrs. Carragher.

9d each—Miss Anna McLoughlin; Miss Bertha

McLoughlin; Mr. Stanley Cousins.

8d—Messrs. Thos. and F. W. Currie.

7d—Miss M. Donaldson.

6d each—Miss G. Simpson; Mr. Jos. McCrory;

Mr. and Mrs. G. Lester; Mr. Ed. Vennard (junr.); Mr.

Pentland; Mr. S. Kilpatrick; Miss M. Gilliland; Miss

G. Porter; Miss E. Dunlop; Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Dunlop;

Mr. W. Ward; Mr. S. Gracey; Mrs. G. Hylands; Mr.

Jas. Twinem; Miss Margt. Magee; Miss Edith

McNeill; Mr. Geo. Russell; Mr. John Magee; Mr. and

Mrs. Fred Ruddell; Miss L. Forsythe; Mr. Wm.

Simpson; Mr. and Mrs. Killow; Miss Tillie Thompson;

Miss M. Best; Mr. Joe Simpson; Mrs. Hewitt; Miss

E. Hunter; Mrs. Marks; Mrs. Hunter; Mrs. Bones;

Miss Major; Mr. and Mrs. Carvill; Mr. Fred Walker;

Mr. W. J. Treanor; Mr. W. J. Watson; Mr. Ed.

Vennard; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Russell; Mr. Jim

Jennett; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. J.

Walker; Mr. and Mrs. J. Treanor; Mrs. Sinnamon;

Mr. and Mrs. T. Clarke; Miss L. Hunter; Mr. Wm.

Best; Mr. R. M'Nally.

3d each—Mr. J. Dale; Miss A. Hamilton; Mr. Ed.

Simpson; Mr. D. H. Freeburn; Miss Doris Campbell;

Miss Margt. Hutchinson; Mr. Jas. Vennard; Miss M.

Cairns; Miss M. Girvan; Miss Meta Campbell; Mr,

W. R. Donaldon; Mrs. Armstrong; Mr. A. McKeown;

Miss D. Lester; Miss M. Best; Miss D. Girvan.

2d—Mr. D. Donaldson.

ld—Mrs. Dalzell.

Result: Envelopes returned as per above £79 2 0

Church Collections £5 15 3

Total to date £84 17 3



Amounts received since Feb., 1939: —

Proceeds of Miss Ashdown’s Play, per Rev.

J. W. Appelbe £5 3 0

J. H. Twinem 0 5 0

William Sherman 0 10 0

Grant from Select Vestry 5 0 0

Insurance 20 0 0

collected by Members of Committee: -

5/- each—James Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.

Watters, Miss Flannigan,

Mrs. Vance.

4/- each—S. Wortley, Mr. & Mrs. John


3/- S. McCormick.

2/6 each—D. Stoops, T. Rocke, R. Sprott,

W. White, G. Gracie, G. Moore, R.

Perdue, Mr. and Mrs. Roney, Mrs.

Sinnamon, Mr. and Mrs. Cox, J. Shanks.

2/- each—J. G. Gracey, J. Gee.

1/- each—Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Metcalf

£1 —I. Atkinson 4 4 6

£35 2 6

Paid Messrs. Musgrave for new boiler—£35; still

due Messrs. Musgrave for new boiler, £5. In hand 2/6.


Amounts received since Oct., 1938, in response to

two appeals made through the Magazine by the

Treasurer: -

Balance from Shamrock Tea, per Mr. £4 0 0


C.L.B. Guest Tea, per Mr. Mitchell 11 0 0

Entire proceeds of Beetle Drive, held in

February, per Misses Atkinson 13 0 0

R. McClements 1 0 0

Mrs. Sherman 0 10 0

James Sands 0 5 0

Mrs. Vance 0 5 0

Miss N. Montgomery 1 0 0

James Twinem 1 0 0

Rev. G. H. Daunt 1 0 0

Net proceeds of Beetle Drive held in

September 9 3 6

£42 3 6

Paid for Decoration, etc., of Hall £41 15 0

In hand 0 8 6

Money still required to meet cost of

"blacking out."


NOW that the Church has been "blacked out," and

in view that there is reason to believe that the old

hour is more suitable for those attending the Evening

service, on and after Sunday Evening, November 5th,

Evening Prayer will be held at 7 p.m.


The annual Diocesan Synod for the United Dioceses

of Down and Connor and Dromore will take place on

Tuesday, November 7th, in Belfast.

At this important meeting the Parish of Seagoe

will be represented by the clergy, together with Messrs.

John H. Twinem, Jas. Twinem, S. McCormick and

Thos. Martin.


The Hon. Treasurer for the above gratefully acknowledges

the receipt of the following subscriptions since the

publication of the previous list in the October

issue of the Magazine: -

Mrs. Samuel Guy, Derryvore £0 5 0

Mr. B. Kilpatrick, Lower Seagoe 0 5 0

Mr. C. Montgomery, Clounagh 5 0 0

Mr. S. McCormick, Margretta Park 4 0 0

Mr. W. A. Casey, Bridge Street 2 2 0

£11 12 0

Already acknowledged £539 18 7

Total £551 10 7


The usual monthly meeting took place in Seagoe

School on Thursday, October 12th, at 3.30 p.m. There

was a good attendance of members. The Rector gave

a short address, after which arrangements were made

to form a work-party to make comforts for our soldiers.

It was agreed to have an extra meeting each month

devoted to this work only. The next ordinary monthly

meeting will take place in Seagoe School on Thursday,

November 9th, at 3.30 p.m.


The annual Armistice-tide Service will take place in

Seagoe Parish Church on Sunday, November 12th, at

11.30 a.m. The collection will be in aid of the Earl

Haig Poppy Day Fund for disabled soldiers and their

dependants. It is hoped that there will be a parade

of ex-Servicemen at this Service.


The unusually fine harvest weather ensured that

there was a profusion of flowers, etc., to decorate our

halls and Church for these Services. To the following,

who so kindly preached for us, we are deeply indebted: —

At Hacknahay, Rev. A. N. Parkinson; at Bocombra,

the Rev. H. A. Lillie; at Levaghery, the Revs. Geo. Long

and S. J. Warner; at Carne, the Rev. G. A. Boulger; at

Drumgor, the Revs. G. Mann and T. H. Frizelle; at

Edenderry, the Revs. W. W. Nash, and R. Barnes.

In the Parish Church the Revs. T. Parr, R. H. White

and Canon Taylor were the preachers. It was

encouraging to see such fine attendances at all these

services and also at the Children's Service on Sunday


The full choir, under Mrs. Casey, led the singing

and were deservedly complimented by Canon Taylor

on their performance, in spite of the fact that owing

to the " black-out" it was possible only to hold two


To all those who sent material for decoration, and,

who helped in arranging it our best thanks are due.


Mrs. W H. Best has been the recipient of two

presentations from parochial organisations on the

occasion of her recent marriage. On Sunday, October

22nd, she received a fireside chair from the teachers and

pupils of Seagoe afternoon Sunday School; and at a

social evening organised by members of the choir in

the Parochial Hall, she received a clock as a token of

their esteem and good wishes. Mrs. Best has rendered

loyal service both as a Sunday School teacher and

choir member, and we are glad to know that she will

continue to help in these spheres. We wish both Mr. and

Mrs. Best much happiness and prosperity in their married life.


Morning Prayer—The Churchwardens, Messrs. T. E.

Maginnis, G. Wilson, W. G. Best, Robt. McMurray.

Evening Prayer—Messrs. J. Walker, W. H. Best, A.

Kirke, Jas. Ward, J. McLoughlin, S. D. Walker.


There will be a meeting of Sunday School Teachers

and Superintendents in the Parochial Hall, Edenderry,

on Wednesday, November 29th, at 8 p.m., to discuss

plans for the new Sunday School year, which commences

on the 1st Sunday in Advent, December 3rd. It is hoped

that there will be a full attendance at this meeting.


Drumgor—Sunday, November 12th, at 3 p.m.

Bocombra—Tuesday, November 21st, at 8 p.m.

Hacknahay—Sunday, November 26th, at 3.30 p.m.



We extend our hearty congratulations to Mr. W. R.

Gracey, Balteagh, on his appointment as Town Clerk

of Lurgan. This appointment is a tribute to his

efficiency and marks the confidence placed in him by

those in authority. We hope he will prosper in his

new and responsible duties.


At both Services in Seagoe Parish Church on

Sunday, October 1st, there was a retiring collection

for the Portadown Hospital War Supply Depot, which

resulted in £8 8s 8d being handed to Mr. Scarlett, Hon.

Treas. for this fund.


"Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid

them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God."

October 1st—Thomas, son of William John and Lili.

Dickson, Balteagh.

October 1st—Barbara Eleanor, daughter of Joseph

and Mary Evelyn Steenson, Killicomain.

October 1st—Robert Abraham, son of Robert and

Sarah Uprichard, Drumgor.


"Those whom God hath joined together let no man

put asunder."

October 6th—John Andrew Hughes, 20, Hanover St.,

Portadown, and Emma Christabel McNeill,


October 10th—Joseph Lunn, 34, Carnegie St., Lurgan,

and Ida Guy, 83, Bridge St., Portadown.


HOLY COMMUNION—1st Sunday after Morning

Prayer; 3rd Sunday at 8 a.m., and on the Chief Festivals

HOLY BAPTISM—1st Sunday of each Month at 4 p.m.,

and during any Service in the Parish Church, notice to be

given; Two Sponsors at least are required. The father and

mother must be present. Churchings are held at each Baptism.

Mothers are expected to bring a thank offering. (See Book of

Common Prayer.)

MORNING PRAYER—Sundays and Chief Festivals,

11.30 a.m.

EVENING PRAYER—Sundays, 7 p.m.


Hacknahay—Last Sunday of Month at 3.30 p.m.

Drumgor—Second Sunday of Month at 3 p.m.

Edenderry—Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Oct—Easter.


BIBLE CLASSES FOR MEN in Edenderry on Sundays at 10.15 a.m.

SUNDAY SCHOOLS—10.15 a.m. Edenderry Parochial

Hall and Seagoe School. 3 p.m. Seagoe, Edenderry

Parochial Hall, Levaghery, Hacknahay, Carne, Drumgor, Bocombra

MOTHERS' UNION—2nd Tuesday of each month at 7.30 p.m.

CHURCH LADS' BRIGADE in the Parochial Hall on Tuesdays.

GIRLS' FRIENDLY SOCIETY in Seagoe School on Mondays at 8 p.m. as announced

G.F.S. Candidates - Oct. – Easter, Edenderry Parochial Hall, Saturdays at 3 p.m.

SEAGO CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOUR SOCIETY – Mondays, Orange Hall, at 8 p.m.

SEAGOE P.E. SCHOOL—9.15 a.m. Principal—Mr. R. Scott.

MARRIAGES must be performed between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Licences are issued by Ven. Archdeacon Hannon, the Rectory, Lurgan. Due notice (48 hours) must be given to the Rector of intended weddings. FEES—BY License—Labourers 5/-, Tradesmen 10/-, Merchants and Farmers £1, Professional £l. By Banns 5/-.

FUNERALS will be attended by the Clergy if proper notice be given. SICK CASES should be notified to the Clergy without delay. FEES FOR CERTIFICATES—BAPTISM 3/7, Children (Factory) 1/- and 2/- (non-residents); MARRIAGE 3/7. An extra Search Fee is chargeable in certain cases. It will be a help to the Clergy if they are notified of the arrival of new Church families in the Parish.

A copy of the Magazine will be sent by post to any subscriber for 3/- per annum.

A copy of the Magazme will be sent by post to any subscriber for 3/- per annum.


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