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November 1935


November 1935

Seagoe Parish Magazine.


CLERGY :Rev. Chancellor Archer, B .D ., The Rectory,


Rev. W. F. Hayes, B .A ., The Bungalow, Lower

Seagoe, Portadown.


People’s— Mr. THOMAS MARTIN.

The Spirit of Thanksgiving.

We record in this month's issue an account

of many Harvest Services held throughout the

Parish. We believe that a spirit of true Thanks­giving has been present at these Services. Of

course some may attend in a careless way, more

out of habit and curiosity than from a real sense

of Thanksgiving and desire to worship God.

The thought that our Heavenly Father expresses

Himself in the gift of the Harvest is a wonderful thing and must stir in us the knowledge that

God is a God of Love as well as of Power. If

these Services have kindled in our hearts a

spirit, of Thankfulness it will show itself in our

life by a more consistent following of the

Divine commands. We trust and believe that

such will be the effect in the Parish of our many

Services of Thanksgiving.

Harvest Thanksgivng Services.

The Annual Services of Thanksgiving for the

Blessings of Harvest were held in the Parish

Church on Thursday, October 24th, at 8 p.m ..

and on Sunday, October 27th, at 11.30 a.m.

and at 7 p.m . The Church had been very tastefully decorated by a willing band of ladies and

young m en of the Parish. Abundant supplies of

flowers were contributed, as well as large offerings of grain, fruit and vegetables. These,

together with the usual stately palms, provided a

fitting setting for those who, once more in this

ancient and solemn festival, expressed their

gratitude to the Giver of All for the mercies of

another most bountiful Harvest season. The

services were largely attended. The Church

was filled with a mass of people at each. On

Sunday evening, despite the torrential rain, the

building was crowded. The aisles as well as

the pews, were filled with people; extra seating

had to be provided. Special music appropriate

for the occasion was rendered in a very feeling

impressive manner by the choir, which had

been thoroughly trained by Mr. T. H . Wilson.

This in no small measure contributed to the

spiritual tone of devotional gratitude,

which was so distinctly manifested throughout

the services. The choir was ably accompanied

by Mrs. W . A. Casey, who kindly presided at

the organ. The special music rendered included

Hopkin’s setting to the Te Deum, settings to

the Magnificat and the Nunc Dimittus by

Frederick Lloyd, and Edwyn V. Clare’s Harvest

anthem , “ The Fruit of Thy Works.” The solo

portion of the latter was taken by Miss N. K. Montgomery.

The Rev. G. C. Johnson, M.A., Rector of

Magherally was the preacher on Thursday even­ing. On Sunday morning the Yery Rev. E . A.

Myles, Dean of Dromore, preached. During

the course of his sermon, the theme of which

was strength and beauty, the Dean made fitting

reference to the life of Lord Carson. The Rev.

T. Parr, M.A., Rector of Seapatrick, preached

on Sunday evening, his text and his subject was "The Love of G od.”

Children ’s Service.

A very bright Children’s Service was held in

the Parish Church on Sunday, October 27th, at

3 p.m . It was attended by a large number of

children. Many adults were also present. Mr.

T. H Wilson was at the organ. The singing

was sweetly led by the children. The Rev. W.

F. H ayes conducted the Service and also gave

the address. The collection was taken up by

two members of the Sunday School, Ernest

Caddell and James Simpson.

Levaghery Harvest Service .

A Harvest Thanksgiving Service was held in

the Levagherv School on Sunday, October 6th,

at 3.30. The room was prettily decorated with

fruit and flowers. There was a very large

gathering. The Rev. B. de G. Lougheed, B .A .,

Curate of Seapatrick, Banbridge, was the

preacher. Mrs. C. B. Kirkpatrick presided at

the harmonium , and a solo, “ The Raven He

feedeth ,” was sung by Miss Mabel Best. On

Monday evening, October 7th, the Services were

continued and there was again a large number

of people present. The Rev. E . Burns, M .A.,

Rector of Aghaderg, Loughbrickland, preached.

The offerings were on behalf of Foreign Mis­sions.

Drumgor Harvest.

The Service of Thanksgiving was held in

Drumgor Church Hall on Sunday, Oct. 13th,

and on the following Monday evening. The

Service on Sunday was at 3.30. From 3.15

until the beginning of the Services a special se­lection of choruses was. sung by the children of

the Sunday School. The Superintendent, Mr.

W . Hutchinson, conducted the singing, while

Miss R. Gracey was a t the harmonium. The

Hall was beautifully decorated with splendid

samples of flowers, grain and other local pro­ducts. There were a large num ber present. An

impressive feature of the Service was the part

taken by the children, and the lead which they

gave in reciting the General Confession and the

Apostles Creed, and in answering the responses.

The preacher on Sunday was the Rev. J . Egerton, B .A ., Curate of St. Mark’s, Portadown.

There was a large congregation a t the service on

Monday evening. A very interesting Mission­ary address was given by the Rev. J . Douglas,

B .A ., Curate of Maralin.

Harvest at Carne -

A Harvest Thanksgiving Service was held in

Carne Church H all on Sunday, October 20th, at

3.30. The Superintendent, Mr. George Wilson,

and his loyal band of teachers had the Hall very

attractively decorated. The Service was taken

by the Rev. W. F. Hayes. The Rev. J. Wright,

15.A., Curate of Drumcree, was the preacher.

Mr. T. H . Wilson arranged the music and presided at the harm onium . There was a crowded

congregation, who joined heartily in the ser­vice and in the singing of the hymns. The

Service on the following Monday at 8 p.m . was

also well attended. The Rev. J . I. Lea, M.A.,

Rector of Mullavilly, preached. The subject of

his address was the work of the Church over­seas. This was illustrated by m any incidents

in his own experience during his years while a

missionary in India. The collection was on be­half of Foreign Missions.

The Mothers’ Union

The members held their usual monthly meeting in Seagoe School on Tuesday, October 15th,

a t 7.30 p.m . It was a record meeting as re­gards attendance. After a very good tea, the

Mothers’ Union Hymn was sung. The prayers

were taken by the Rev. W. F . Hayes. A very

spirited address, which was warmly appreciated,

was given by Mrs. A. G. H annon, Shankill

Rectory, Lurgan. At the close the President,

Mrs. J . H . Twinem, on behalf of the Mothers,

expressed a hearty vote of thanks to the

speaker. The next meeting of the Mothers’

Union will be held in Seagoe School on Tuesday, November 12th, a t 7.30 p.m . The Rev. F.

•J. Halahan, M.A., M .C., Rector of Drumcree,

has kindly consented to address the members.

Annual Subscriptions.

It would be a very great help if those who

give an annual subscription to the Sustentation

Fund would kindly send in their subscriptions

during this month or early in December. The

parish accounts close on December 31st. Any

sums received after that date must go into the

accounts of the following year.

Armistice Day.

On Monday, November 11th, Armistice Day

a short "Service will be held in the Church at

10.45. and the two minutes’ silence will be observed at the Memorial Pillars and Gates. On

Sunday, Nov. 10th, the Sunday next the aniiversary, the services will be of a : memorial nature.

The Ex-servicemen and the Seagoe Company of the Church L ads’ Brigade will parade at Morning Prayer.

Edenderry H arvest

The Harvest Thanksgiving Services will be

held in the Parochial Hall, Edenderry, on Sunday, Nov. 3rd, a t 3.30, and on the following

Monday evening at 8 p.m. The preacher on Sunday will be the Rev. F. R. M‘Cullough, Rector of Aghalee.

The collection will be for the upkeep of the Parochial H all. On Monday the

address will be given by the Rev. G. W. Millington, Rector of St. Mark’s, Portadown.

Special music has been arranged for the occasion

including a Harvest Anthem.

The D iocesan Synod.

The annual Synod of the United Dioceses of

Down and Connor and Dromore will be held in

Clarence Place, Belfast, on Tuesday, November

5th, a t 11.30 a.m. I t will be preeeded

by a celebration of Holy Communion in

St. Anne’s Cathedral at 10 a .m . for

Synod members. This Parish has four

lay representatives. In connection with the

Synod several special evening gatherings have

been arranged which must appeal to all interested in the welfare of their Church. A Service

of Dedication for Church Workers will be held in

St. Anne’s Cathedral on Monday, November

4th. at 8 p.m . A mass meeting will be held in

the Wellington Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 5th, at

7.30. A youth rally will be held in the Wellington Hall, on Wednesday, Nov. 6th, a t 7.30. On

the following Thursday at 3 p.m . a Womens

Meeting will be held a t Clarence Place. These

meetings are open to all who wish to attend.

Subjects of vital importance to Church people

will be dealt with by distinguished speakers.

The Bishop hopes that the attendances at these

meetings will be representative of the whole


C.L.B. Concert

The Seagoe Company of the Church Lads

Brigade will give their annual concert in the

Parochial Hall, Edenderry, towards the end of

November. Tickets announcing the date will

be issued in the meantime. The members have

been busy for some time arranging and practising what will, no doubt, prove to be a very

interesting and entertaining programme. The Proceeds will be in aid of the funds of the organisation.

Parish Register for October.


The following were Baptised in the Parish Church on October 5th, 1935:—

Pickering—Margaret, daughter of Ajlbert Edward and Margaret Dilworth Pickering, of Edward St., Portadown.

Sponsors—Albert Edward Pickering, Frances Magowan and Letitia Neill.

Alexander—Rachel Catherine, daughter of William James and Margaret Jane Alexander, of Edenderry.

Sponsors—Mary Campbell, Margaret Jane Alexander.

Fletcher Harold Sidney, son of Thomas James and Sarah Myrtle Fletcher, of Levaghery.

Sponsors—Jane Eliza Fletcher, Sarah Myrtle Fletcher.

Simpson—Edward, son of David William and Hanah Jane Simpson, of Edenderry.

Sponsors Hannah Jane Magee, Hannah Jane Simpson.

Received into the Congregation.

Whiteside—Oct. 5th, Mary, daughter of Fergu­son and Mary Whiteside, of E denderry

Sponsors Anne Greenaway, Mary Whiteside.


Summerville and Forbes— Oct. 22nd, 1935, Robert Summerville, of Hacknahay, to

Rebecca Forbes, of Hacknahay.


Nesbitt— Oct. 28th, (Kenneth Harold Nesbitt of Levaghery, aged 4 months.

Death of Lord Carson.

The people of Seagoe, as well as of the rest of

Ulster will deeply regret the death of Ulster’s

splendid friend and defender, Lord Carson. On

his last visit to Portadown, when he addressed

a great meeting in the Shamrock Park grounds,

the Rector had a conversation with him. He was greatly pleased when he heard that the

well-known saying about the Home Rule Bill and Portadown originated in the Parish of Seagoe

Lord Carson’s burial in the Cathedral at Belfast was very fitting and will draw further

Mention to that sacred building, which has become a great religious centre in recent years.

Twenty-five Years Ago.

OCTOBER, 1910.

The copy of the Magazine for October, 1910 contains an interesting portrait and autograph

of Mr. John Walker, more familiarly known as "Clerk” Walker. He acted as Parish Clerk in

Seagoe Parish from the year 1825 to 1873.

There is a lengthy reference to his life and work.

His father also acted as Parish Clerk for some

years, besides being. agent to Sir Francis Macnaghten.

The annual Harvest Thanksgiving

Services in the Parish Church are announced,

also a list of district Harvest Services to be

held in Tamnificarbet, Hacknahay, Carne and

Drumgor. Seven Baptisms are recorded, one

marriage and four burials. Arrangements are

mentioned for the erection of a memorial to the

late Rector, the Very Rev. Dean Dawson. The

memorial to be the addition of a new wing to

the Seagoe Parochial School. The Girls’

Friendly will open their winter Session with a

united Service in the Parish Church. Mr. Robt.

T Montgomery is congratulated on obtaining a

silver and a bronze m edal at a recent grocers’ Exhibition in London.


The local matter begins with a reference to

Winter organisations. A meeting of the newly-

formed Communicants’ Union is announced to

be held in the Parochial Hall. Week night

Bible Classes for men are arranged to be held

in Bocombra, Tamnificarbet and Hacknahay.

Six Baptism s are recorded, two marriages and

three burials. Reference is made to the death

of Constable Mitten. Canon Grierson, Rector

of Seapatrick, was the preacher at the Harvest

Thanksgiving Service in the Parish Church on

the Thursday evening. The Rev. R. D. Patterson preached on the Sunday of the Harvest at

both Morning and Evening Prayer. The solo in

the anthem was taken by Miss Amy Walker.

District Harvest Services were held in Tamnifi­carbet and H acknahay. Major Blacker is con­gratulated on his election as a member of the

Diocesan Council. The opening meeting of the

Band of Hope is announced. The Old Seagoe

Notes refer to Wolves in Seagoe. There is a

note on a former Parish Clerk, Woolsey

Smurphett, and a list of Churchwardens of the Parish in the eighteenth century.

The Annual Report.

The annual report has now been completed

and will be distributed without delay through­out the Parish.

The Parochial H all.

In last month’s issue we published a list of

subscriptions made towards defraying the ex­penses of the improvements recently carried out

in the Parochial Hall, Edenderry. The follow­ing sums have since |been received :—James Wilson, 5/-, John Dermott, 10/-.


The Rev. J . Hamilton, curate of Donacloney,

will (D .V .) preach in the Parish Church on the evening of Sunday, Nov. 3rd.

* * *

We have had many severe storms lately.

During one of them two large trees were blown

down in the Glebe lands at the Rectory. One

was an elm planted in 1740 and the other a poplar planted in 1826.

* * *

Mr. Victor B. Collins, a successful solicitor

in New York and a relative of the Dickson

family on the Lurgan Road, is very proud of

his connection with Seagoe and hopes before

long to pay it a visit. He was born in America.

His mother, who still lives, was Dickson to her maiden name.

* * * *

The clergy from neighbouring Parishes have

given very kind help at the Parish Church dur­ing the Rector’s illness.

* * • •

Serious defects in the furnace chimney at

Seagoe School have recently been carefully repaired.

* * *

Captain Blacker, who has inherited Carrick

Blacker, paid a visit to Seagoe last month.

* * * *

New houses are being built in the townlands

of Knock and Seagoe Upper

.* * *

Many new families have recently come to

reside in the Parish. We welcome them to our

midst. We hope that they will, without delay,

share fully in our parochial life.

* * *

We congratulate Betty Kearns, of Kijlicomaine, in gaining fourth place in County Scholar­ship examination. There were over one hun­dred competitors.

Old Seagoe Notes.

An Interesting Seagoe Relic.—

The following account of a very interesting Seagoe relic appeared in a recent issue of

“ The Portadown News” :— “ A resident in the parish of Knocknamuckley possesses a grandfather’s clock the

case of which was made from the wood of the

pulpit of Old Seagoe Church. The pulpit was

a conspicuous feature in the old church now

ruin, and it is said to have had inscribed upon

it the date 1666, being the year in which the

old church was rebuilt by Valentine. Blacker

after its destruction in the rebellion of 1641

The clock was made by George J . Black, of Lurgan, to the order of W m. Dynes, of Shane Hill

on the occasion of his marriage to a namesake

of his own, named Nancy Dynes. The clock

keeps excellent time and is much prized by it

possessor. The case is highly polished. The

wood is very sound and is of oak of a dark colour.

The timber from which it was made is a

least 270 years old. Wm. Dynes, for whom the

clock was originally made, died about 60 years

ago at an advanced age.” The Rector heard of

this clock many years ago and was kindly shown

it by its owner, who then lived near Bleary

Cross. The timbers in the Old Church were

very well preserved and when the Church was

dismantled about 1816 they were purchased by

parishioners. Some of them were used in out

buildings at the Rectory and are still in a good

state of preservation. A parishioner who lived

in Drumnagoon had a chair which was made

from some of the timber. Perhaps some of our

readers know of similar relics and could inform us of them .


BIBLE CLASS FOR MEN in Edenderry on

Sundays at 10 a m.

SUNDAY SCHOOLS 10 a m. Edenderry Parochial

Hall and Seagoe School. 3 p.m. Seagoe, Edenderry

Parochial Hall, Levaghery, Hacknahay, Carne,

Drumgor, Bocombra.

MOTHERS' UNION—2nd Tuesday of each month

at 7 30 p.m.

CHURCH LADS' BRIGADE in the Parochial Hall

on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Mondays at 8 p.m.

SEAGOE P.E. SCHOOL , 9-15 a.m. Principal—Mr.

R. Scott.

MARRIAGES must be performed between 8 a.m. and 3 p m Licenses are issued by Rev. Canon Hannon.

Rectory, Lurgan Due notice (48 hours) mus be given to the Rector of intended weddings. FEES— By License—

Labourers 5/- Tradesmen 10/- —, Merchants and Farmers 15/- ,Professional, £l. By Banns 5/-. FUNERALS will be attended by the Clergy if proper notice be given. SICK CASES should be notified to the Clergy without delay,

FEES FOR CERTIFICATES BAPTISM 3/7, Children (Factory) 1/- and 2/- (non-residents); MARRAGE 3/7.

It will be a help to the Clergy if they are notified of the

An extra Search Fee is chargeable in certain cases

arrival of new Church families in the Parish.

A copy of the Magazine will be sent post free to any subscriber for 3/- per anunm.


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