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MAGAZINE Autumn 2023 S Welcoming | Growing | Encouraging | Serving Seagoe’s Mission Statement reads as follows: Seagoe Parish seeks to be a local WELCOMING § Christian family, GROWING in our knowledge and love of God, ENCOURAGING one another in SERVING the wider community. This Mission Statement should direct all that we seek to be and do as a Parish, which means everything that happens in the life of our Parish: all its gatherings and organisations, what its buildings look like and how they are used. Of course we must remember that the Parish is made up of all of us as individuals, and so whilst the mission statement refers to the overall aim of the Parish, it should also direct how we live out our lives as individual members of the Parish. WELCOMING We used the month of September as an opportunity to reach out to everyone we could think of to invite them either to come back to Church, or to join us for the first time. A range of special services and events was organised to make people feel welcome. The Church organisations restarted, and some organised special events such as the Men’s and Women’s Breakfasts to gather people. We produced lots NN Parish Office number ( ~)07918394560 is ar | Le If anyone has an iphone or android phone that they are no longer CSET acuC MCL MI LCR UCM lm RRC aC melita please contact Diane in the office. Rectoxs Lolter of brochures about the life of the Church, and various other invitation cards for distribution. Well done and thank you to everyone who was involved. But the bottom line is, that it was still up to each one of us to make the most of all that was produced, and was on offer, to invite and bring people along with us. It was not someone else's responsibility to invite the people we know, or have contact with, rather it was ours!! If we had not invited them perhaps no one else would have done so. An enthusiastic, warm Invitation and bringing others along is crucial to the outreach of the Church and we all must play our part in that, but when people respond and come along, each of us, has the responsibility to make people as welcome as possible. It has been so encouraging to see regular Church members engaging with those who have returned or those who are new. Many of us by nature are quite shy and so often find welcoming others difficult, but it is important that each one of us steps out of our comfort zone to make others feel welcome. It may simply be saying hello with a smile, or it may be having a brief chat, or offering to get someone a coffee. Small expressions of friendly welcome from individuals can make all the difference someone. Again, if we do not try to make someone welcome it may be that no one else will. GROWING The Mission Statement mentions growing in our knowledge and love of God. Yes, we want to grow in numbers, hence the need for us all to invite, bring, and welcome others to the Parish; but our ultimate aim is to enable one another to encounter God and to grow in our knowledge and love of Him. Church services and opportunities for teaching through our various organisations are the main means of growing in our relationship with God, hence the staff of the Parish try to offer a range of services to meet different needs, and the organisations leaders carefully plan their teaching. The ultimate aim of all this preparation is to enable encounters with our loving God and to learn more about Him and His ways. But such growth is not limited to services of worship and teaching in our organisations; opportunities for growth in our relationship with God come about through how we live our lives. Everything we do should reflect the love of God in action towards others. If we allow God to direct our attitudes towards our interactions with them, we will find that people will experience more of God's love for them. Our Christian attitudes, actions and words will all contribute to us growing together in our knowledge and love of God. ENCOURAGING How wonderful it is when someone encourages us. It may be when we try something new or when we continue to do what we have been doing for years. Simple expressions of appreciation and encouragement make us all feel so much better, and actually spur us on. | love it in Church when there is a spontaneous round of applause when a young child reads a portion of scripture for the first time, or when some children come up to help with an action song and are applauded when the song ends. There are many other ways of course where we encourage one another, and how important every such encouragement is. The world can be a very discouraging place where people are quick to put us down, sometimes very cruelly; this should never happen in Church, rather we should seek out opportunities to encourage one another. Again, if we do not encourage someone others may not. SERVING We are blessed in Seagoe with so many people who so warmly use their God-given gifts to lovingly serve others. There are too many examples to draw attention to, but every act of service is important in making the Church a loving, functioning body that serves both those within the Church, but also reaches out to serve the wider community. Jesus is of course our greatest example of a servant of all, and he encourages us to follow His example. Our Church simply could not function without people serving one another in love. Every one of us is equipped differently by God, and every one of us has a unique path to follow daily filled with many opportunities to lovingly serve others. Again, if we do not use our gifts to serve others, the Church will not be able to serve others as effectively and efficiently as it might. Whether Welcoming, Growing, Encouraging or Serving we all have a part to play in the mission of our Church. It is not someone else's responsibility, it is ours, that is yours and mine. May God lead us daily in how he wants us to live and may we all as individuals follow His lead so that we, and our Church, will become more the people he calls us to be, and as a result may we see His Kingdom extend day by day. Yours in Christ, Terence / erence September-Back to ee yl WELCOM BACK TO hroughout ae mone Invite | ! st) OC c1nN]BIo1s Mem ar Noe elaiia) inviting and welcoming people q back to Church —— | following the é summer holidays. We produced a brochure to inform people about our Church services, elec lal ee Neue lae MN (181 Sn ARIK c-lcolie Ce) everyone who passed these brochures on to others with an invitation to come along to Seagoe, St. Patrick's and Killicomaine Community Church. We have been delighted to see people returning and some new people coming along, now it is up to us all to make them welcome and to encourage them to continue to engage with us. BM asic leoe- KV CRAT- UBL on ES September draws to a close, and then we enter into October with another ea XeRo lS) eA ANCONA ANY encourage you to engage with as much as possible, and as always, to bring others with you. Back to Church Month may be ending, but the work of seeking to grow the Church never ends. Back to Church Sunday and Fun Day Sunday 24th September, being the last Sunday of September, will be a great day to come along with others. Our main 10.30am service will be an informal family service with a particular focus on the wider Church. We ASSOCIATE MINISTER Rev. Stuart Moles RECTOR Rev. Canon Terence Cadden 8 Upper Church Lane, Portadown BT63 5JE Tel: 3833 2538 Mob: 078 9498 7702 Email: Portadown 149 Kernan Hill Manor Mob: 077 3918 1466 Email: Em C7 Senor Men iM Route ec Bie das] MAGAZINE are really looking forward to having Bishop Jered from our partner Diocese of Shyogwe in Rwanda with us as our guest preacher. After the Service everyone is invited to our Family Fun Day in the Parish Centre (and grounds, weather permitting). We will have —— - A. Pay i eae) a range of fun activities including bouncy castles and the ever-popular bean bag games. Everyone is encouraged to bring a Picnic with them, but there will be additional food on offer for people to share. Lots of popcorn and icecream etc!! Please encourage people Taam ans AV econ cri WAN colmn acon daa aU la Day even if they do not come to Church beforehand Contacts KILLICOMAINE COMMUNITY CHURCH LEADER Rey. Jim Fleming 145 Princess Way Portadown, BT 63 5EL Mob: 07954994749 his term we will be hosting a Growth Group in the Parish Centre on Wednesday evenings where we will study the book of Romans from the Bible. Romans is a really important book with a lot for us to consider. We will be using the new course on Romans produced by Andrew Ollerton of the Bible Society. Andrew led the Bible Course which many people oN (toh Cia lelau ina aM a MeolU Com TLE the form of teaching via video followed by the opportunity for open discussion on what we have watched. Everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion or to simply listen, no one will be put under any pressure. We strongly encourage as many people as possible to join with us for the course which will begin on Wednesday 27th September at 730pm. SOCIAL MEDIA 0} seagoe-parish-church © seagoeparish © @SeagoeParish YOUTH WORKER Edwina Livingstone Seagoe Youth Group Tel: 3833 5279 Seagoe Youth Group email: licomaine Youth Centre 3839 4441 SEAGOE PARISH OFFICE 46 Seagoe Road, Portadown BT63 5HW Office Opening Hours: 9am - 12 noon New Office Phone Number: 07918 394560 Email: Welcoming |: Growing | Encouraging | Serving service Jimncs Come & Wership with Us Prax tem TeE Ta) 6.00pm Ral dd (ol a) Parish Centre RTs tanta SUNDAY 24th Holy Communion Back to Church Family Evening Worship Service and Fun Day ola to) Tg SUNDAY Ist Harvest Communion Family Harvest No Service Harvest Thanksgiving in Church SUNDAY 8th Holy Communion - Baptism Harvest Thanksgiving SUNDAY 15th Holy Communion CL&CGB Enrolment Holy Communion | Rotunda Praise Service SUNDAY 22nd Holy Communion Holy Communion Evening Worship SUNDAY 29th Holy Communion Morning Worship Evening Worship Thankful Remembrance in Church Luli SUNDAY 5th Holy Communion Family Service Evening Worship SUNDAY 12th Holy Communion Remembrance Service Holy Communion SUNDAY 19th Holy Communion Morning Worship Evening Worship Rotunda Praise Service SUNDAY 26th Holy Communion Holy Communion Evening Worship December SUNDAY 3rd Holy Communion Family Service Evening Worship SUNDAY 10th Holy Communion Morning Worship Carol Service In addition to the above services we have a short Holy Communion service each Wednesday at 10 am in the Quiet Room. Siege 9.00am Harvest Communion 10.30am Family Harvest Thanksgiving (no 6.00pm Service in St. Patrick’s) 7.00pm Harvest Thanksgiving & Supper ae ™ 6.00pm eee cole eR cial e) Thankful Remembrance Wednesday Holy Communion A regular congregation gathers each Wednesday at 10 am in the Quiet Room for a short service of Holy Communion followed by great conversation over refreshments in the Rotunda. We are really eager to grow this very welcoming congregation, so please consider coming along, or please encourage anyone you think would benefit from it. It is particularly suitable for those who find it difficult to sit through a longer service, or who find sitting on pews uncomfortable. a Decorate the Church with food! | This year the organisations of the Church have been asked to decorate a window space, or other area, each for Harvest: it will be interesting to see the variety of creative displays. Over the past few years we have encouraged people to bring nonperishable food items to display in Church for Harvest, and then to be donated to the Craigavon Area Food Bank. The response to this appeal has been very encouraging. This year we are asking people if they would be so kind as to bring such items to Church as part of their Harvest Thankoffering. We will then divide the food between Craigavon Area Foodbank and Barnabas Aid. Following the recent news reports of disastrous floods in Lybia we have decided that this year’s Harvest Thankoffering should be directed through the Bishops’ Appeal towards the relief in those areas. Contributions can be placed in the envelopes provided. Those who pay tax will be able to Gift Aid their contributions thus enabling us to claim back the tax they have already paid. As a result 25p will be added to every £1 donated. For those who would prefer to pay by card, a cardreader will be available in the Rotunda. hi S MAGAZINE ee aM ce Tem E Sacer ree CBE Award We are delighted that Da Mcloughlin, son of Wi and the late Cyril McLo received a CBE from his Majesty the King at W Castle in in recognition of his services to medicine. David was accompanied by his wife and daughters. 7 Mothers’ Union Seagoe Mothers Union had a very relaxed start this season when both new and returning members had the opportunity | Mothers 8] \") ON to come together in faith. Details were given of our busy Cirtitien eaxt for Soirias programme for the year ahead before the ladies moved into 1, the church building. Our thanks to Philip Morrison who, as it was European Heritage Week, had put together a numbered tour of many articles of significance we see each Sunday but know little about. Our next meeting is Oth October at 8pm when our speaker is Rev Mark Reid of The Mission to Seafarers Belfast and, as always, our meeting is open to all parishioners. Each year in our church we hear an appeal by Mrs Eileen Holland for warm knitted hats and gifts for seafarers however few of us know of the work of the Mission to Seafarers. There are 1.8 million people who work at sea and their work is essential to many economies as well as our own. It is an essential workforce is under-appreciated by most of us, as is the dangers they face in their workplace. The Mission to Seafarers is an amazing charity that offers practical and emotional support, as well as spiritual guidance, regardless of the faith of these seafarers. Why not come along and hear the Rev Reid tell of his chaplaincy and the importance of the ongoing outreach work of the organisation. A retiring collection will be taken \ to support the work of this wonderful charity. The Mission to Seafarers Caring for seafarers around the world Rubies hank you SO much to everyone who came to our breakfast this morn NACI lk cio Nt =i preolU|¢-1 <1) an olUls support. It was such a joy to spend this morning with you in God's presence and we pray that you w have felt blessed and encouraged too. Special thanks to Catherine Campbell for speaking so openly to us. Thank you for encouraging us in our walk with Jesus and reminding us that we are all so loved by Him and precious in His sight. Thank you for your honesty in sharing how God has been at work in your life too. Thanks again for all your support. We look forward to seeing you on Monday 18th September for our first monthly meeting this year. Lorraine Moore will be coming to share with us. Lorraine has done wonderful work with Open Doors and we look forward to hearing what she has to say to us. Please do come along and invite a friend! From all of us at Rubies, we pray that you would know that you are more precious than rubies and th you are so loved by Jesus, your saviour, who died to set you I free and give you everlasting life with Him. Love, Uy Los) European Heritage fe) Sw RAE TS ule Thank you again to Philip Morrison and his team who prepared the Church and welcomed visitors during the open days. This was another wonderful opportunity to welcome people to our Church building, enabling them to learn of its history, and also encouraging them to come along to any of our services and activities. ( Mission to Seafarers: > Christmas Gifts/Chaplain's Visit Once again the staff in the Flying Angel Centre, Belfast, are gratefully accepting gifts to pass on to Seafarers at Christmas. Appropriate items are woolly hats and scarves, warm gloves and socks, chocolate, sweets and toiletries. For those who enjoy knitting, a hat pattern is available. Also they can use second hand warm outer clothing which would be suitable for life at sea. If you would like to donate, please bring your gifts to church on Sunday 26th November. We are delighted that the chaplain, Rev Mark Reid, will be speaking at the Mothers’ Union meeting on Tuesday 10th October. Do please come along. Everyone is warmly invited - including men! Thank you. Eileen Holland The Mission to Seafarers \ Caring for seafarers around the o_o Youth Fellowship outh Fellowship returns after the summer break and we are looking forward to starting our new programme as well as welcoming those who will be preparing for confirmation later in the year. Youth Fellowship seeks to offer a space for our young people to come and engage with scripture as well as build friendships with one another, all with a bit of fun and food added in. Some of the young people enjoying an icebreaker Petals YF meets every second and fourth Sunday Mela layeeleyd ORM AMA ATM ed ARG lal ac om Am CelUl al love to see new members join us, especially those who have just started in ‘big school’! Please continue to pray for this ministry, and for our young people, as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of life and study. For more information, please get in touch with Stuart (07739181466) or email Youth Fellowship Starts Sunday 24th September, 7p (First year and up) ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award with Seagoe Youth Group Looking for something different? Why not consider doing your DoE Award Ti) The DofE Award Scheme is a great opportunity for young people to take on new challenges and skills, make new friends and have fun. Open to all young people in Year 10 and above. As the new season begins were happy to welcome any new participants. If youd like to find out more contact Keith, Edwina or Boyd Tel. 38335279. CLCGB Church Lads’ & Church Girls’ Brigade We are delighted that the CLB started back on Thursday 15th September; that the CGB in Killicomaine started back on Monday 18th September; and that the CGB in Seagoe will restart on Monday 25th September. Please remember the young people and their leaders in your prayers. What a brilliant time we've had at Seagoe Church Girls’ Brigade, it's been fantastic to get restarted in Seagoe! We have started with the Martin's age group (Nursery-P3) and have hopes to grow to have a full brigade once again! We can't wait to get restarted again for this term with our Martins, what a super group we have. If you'd like to help with CGG please get in contact with Terence, Rebecca or Zoe, wed love to have you along. Please pray for our brigades for the year ahead, for the boys and girls who attend and for the leaders who give up their time each week, thank you! Tae tat Alia Welcoming | Growing | Encouraging | Serving HiGHs or lows othing grows on the mountaintops; it Is In the valleys that iaaeieemCMAAeliagel Uae Often the mountaintop is above the clouds, but the valleys under the clouds receive the life-giving rain. Even so, TRON EIA (rels ne nlm cm UALS for working out our salvation. The growth of our faith is linked directly with our times of suffering, hardship, and endurance. Patience Is perfected Experience is accumulated and is the measure of our maturity. Suffering is often the means of casting us totally on God. Being taken beyond our natural resources shuts us up to the Lord's supernatural provision. Our personal impasses can be the means by which the Lord opens up a path for us. The mountain-top Peed ema sce ie CNR aco mele all you can do on the mountaintop is relax and enjoy the view. Nothing grows up there; you can't sow and reap. It is only as we appreciate that our loving heavenly Father is in control of our suffering that we can respond with Trust and even rejoicing MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING Seagoe Parish has traditionally been very generous in its support of the Macmillan Coffee mornings. This year we were delighted that the coffee morning was hosted on Sunday 18th September after the 10.30am service. It was so encouraging to see So Many people enjoying the refreshments, cakes etc that were on offer. It was also so encouraging to see a large basket of donations, many of which were gift-aided. In addition, the card reader was well used to enable people to contribute by card and phone. Edwina and her faithful group of helpers will be hosting another McMillan Coffee event following evening worship at 6.00pm in St. Patrick's, with Bishop Jered of Rwanda, on Sunday meta September, please try to come along to join us. WE ARE > MACMILLAN. mi CMDICL eagoe Youth Group REO RE UC Cen ast Pva intel t ai aee Scheme across July and August with over 100 children! Week one was held at our youth centre in Killicomaine, and weeks two and three were held in Seagoe Old School. in the centre we played board games, sports, made crafts, parachute games, eral ela seecl erm cluccs! to the park and played lots On trip days we went to W5 in Belfast, Airtastic Trampoline Park, Craigavon Omniplex (alata eciate! Streamvale Farm. What a fun and fantastic three weeks we had! Thank you to all our children, young people, volunteers and leaders for making the 3 weeks so great! Welcoming MAGAZINE | Growing | Encouraging | Serving eae aaa ae da he Men's Group returns after it’s summer break, as it continues its series looking at the parables of Jesus Our first night back will be Tuesday 17th October, at 730pm and all men are welcome and we would encourage you to invite others along to join us. During our back to church month, over 30 men gathered for our men’s breakfast. As well as good food, and great company, we were joined by Rey. Rodney Blair, the curate Parish Lurgan, and also chaplain of Lurgan Rugby Club. Prior to training, Rodney served as a youth worker in Drumcree parish, and was no stranger to Portadown Rugby circles. Rodney shared an encouraging message with those present, and it was a morning enjoyed by all. The men’s group meets about 7 or 8 times a year, on a Tuesday evening, with a time to catch up over some some cclicoKA ALB LEH followed by a Heel a el Cere Wom) CN for the work of the men's group and encourage others to join with us. JOIN US AS THE MEN’ crashes BLT TM aoa) eI UES NaC aye Ua) Christmas Market SEAGOE PARISH CENTRE, PORTADOWN We invite you to celebrate with us and to support local businesses this Christmas. SATURDAY Happy 100th Isobel Ruddell Congratulations to Isobel on reaching the marvellous age of 100 on Thursday 21st September 2023. Isobel was in great form when Terence visited her to convey the birthday greetings of Seagoe parishioners. Terence delivered cards from the Seagoe congregation, Sunday Light, and the St. Patrick’s congregation. Men's Breakfast SATURDAY 23RD SEPTEMBER 9.30AM SEAGOE PARISH CENTRE To book, please contact Stuart on 07739181466 or email sEAGQE NOVEMBER esTH 10AM - 2PM Christian Baptism 20th August 2023 Myla Harrison Margaret Chapman, daughter | of Rachel, Limefield Rise, Craigavon Christian Marriage 19th July 2023 Matthew William Richardson, Brentwood Park, Richhill and Sarah Ellen Niamh Cadden, Upper Church Lane, Portadown Christian Burial Ist July 2023 Cybil Roy Clegg, Lisnisky PNH, Portadown 5th July 2023 George Ernest Kennedy, Lynden Gate Park, Portadown 15th July 2023 Juanita Jean (Nina) Scott, Corcrain Avenue, Portadown 23rd July 2023 Robert (Albert) Pyne Cinnamon, Abercorn Park, Portadown | | 25th July 2023 Olive Bell, Sandringham PNH, Portadown | 20th August 2023 Elizabeth (Manda) McMurray, Princess Way, Portadown 29th August 2023 Ronnie Love, Ulsterville Park, Portadown 20th September 2023 Martha Rooney, Princess Way, Portadown | | Burial of Ashes | 16th September 2023 Alexander David Carroll, Essex, England aX CiayA iad Welcoming | Growing | Encouraging C7 | Serving Raise FREE funds for us every time you,shop online! > eS SS SS CAR | i PARKING] It would be much appreciated if people parking cars could please use the parking bays and not park on the church roadways or at the kitchen area to avoid any difficulty if ambulances etc needed access to the buildings. On Sundays the carparks at the School can also be used. Disabled spaces are provided in the back carpark to allow for easy access to the buildings. + 6 Geowge Mo Nell. Ce. ~ FUNERAL DIRECTORS & MEMORIAL MASONS 24 Hour Professional & Caring Service Independent Portadown Family Business LI With over 45 Years Experience Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Headstones & Additional Lettering FF Dignified Profesional Deruice nm YOU lime Sf) need Telephone: (028) 38351516 WWW .GEORGEMCNABB.CO.UK 106 Bridge Street, Portadown, Co. Armagh BT63 5AP > _f Talk to us about Pre-Paid Funeral Plans. teen ; LRT EY CoM CKe Mela cKO TUE I La MOPA- EL RES et fom SEAGWE 2023 CAR BOOT SALE Saturday 8am - 12noon 24th June 26th August 28th October 24th May 29th July. 30th September Seagoe Church Car Park Cars £5 / Vans £10 EL welcome to sell, Crowse or buy Thank you for your support Any queries contact Edwina on 028 3833 5279 ALAN WRAY & CO. INDEPENDENT FAMILY FUNERAL DIRECTORS QUIET AND DISCREET SERVICE FULL FUNERAL HOME FACILITIES PERSONALLY SUPERVISED BY ALAN WRAY MBIE MEAE MBIED DIP. F.D. ‘The Old Meeting House’ 24A Portmore Street, Portadown, Co Armagh BT62 3NG TEL: 07989 303897 | 24 Hours A® KILLICOMAINE KIDS AND PARENTS Welcome all babies, toddlers and parents/carers St. Patrick’s Hall, Princess Way (beside the school gates) Lots of toys, fun, friends and a cuppa! -


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