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September 1935


September 1935

Seagoe parish /Ifcaga3íne.
S E P T E M B E R , 1935.

Drumgor— Sunday, Oct. 13th, at 3.30.
Monday, Oct. 14th, a t 8.

Carne— Sunday, Oct. 20th, a t 3.30.
Moftday, Oct. '21st, at 8.

Edenderry—Sunday, Nov. 3rd, at 3.30.
Monday, Nov. 4th, at 8.-

Rev. Chancellor Archer, B .D ., The Rectory,

Rev. W. F. Hayes, B .A ., The Bungalow, Lower

Seagoe, Portadown.

Rector’s------Mr. H . MURRAY GIBSON.™
People’s— Mr. THOMAS MARTIN.

H arvest Thanksg iv ing Services.
The Parish will soon be joining in a Service of

Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the gift of the
Harvest. W ith unfailing regularity year after
year there comes to m ankind this wonderful gift.
The Psalm ist expresses the fact in a vivid illustra­
tion: “ Thou openest Thine H and and fillest all
things living w ith plenteousness.” M ankind
must not be ungrateful for G od’s gifts nor think
less of them because they come with almost m e­
chanical regularity, and so the Church holds these
Services th a t Christian people may have an op­
portunity of worshipping in God’s House of
Prayer in a spirit of true thankfulness and praise.
Services will be held in the Parish Church on
Thursday, Oct. 24th, a t 8 p.m . The offerings at
that Service will be on behalf of Foreign Missions.
The preacher will be the Rev. G. C. Johnston,
M.A., Rector of M agherally. Mr. Johnston is
himself the son of a distinguished Missionary, the
Rev. A. E . Johnston, B .D ., Principal for many
years of th e C.M .S. College at Allahabad, India.
The Services will be continued (D .V .) on Sunday,
Oct. 27th, at 11.30 a.m. and 7 p.m . The offerings
at the Services on Sunday will be on behalf of
Seagoe Parochial Fund. The Eev. J . F . G.
Magill, ALA., Rector of Milltown, will preach at
the Morning Service, and the Rev. Thomas Parr,
M.A., Rector of Seapatrick, at the Evening Ser­vice.

D istric t H arvest Services
During the coming weeks H arvest Services « ill

he held in the various Sunday School centres
throughout the Parish. The following is a provi­
sional arrangem ent for these Services: —
Bocombra— Sunday, Sept. 22nd, at 3.30.

Monday, Sept. 23rd, at 8.
Hacknahay— Sunday, Sept. 29th. at 3.30.

Monday, Sept. 30th, a t 8.
Levaghery— Sunday, Oct, 6th, a t 3.30.

Monday, Oct. 7th, a t 8.

The offerings at the Services on Sundays will
be given to the local Sunday School Fund, and on
the Mondays to Foreign Missions.

The Reutor's illness
In our last issue i t was announced th a t the

next issue of the Magazine would be published in
the second week of Septem ber. The reason for
th a t slightly la ter date being th a t the Rector was
about to take a holiday. Much has happened
since then. On Sunday, August 4tli. ju st before
Evening Prayer the Rector was struck down by
sudden illness and has since been confined to his
room under the care of Doctors and Nurses.
Hopes are held out th a t he m ay soon regain much
of his lost strength, and he has already improved in health.

The Rector desires to thank all those from w ith­

in and without the Parish who have so kindly
w ritten to him or enquired about him. H e has
received great sym pathy and kind wishes for his
recovery from very m any sources. The Select
Vestry, the Choir, the M others’ Union and E den­
derry Sunday School have m ost kindly sent him
resolutions of sym pathy which have helped him
much in his tim e of weakness. The clergy have
been very kind in helping a t the Services in th e
Church. The Rev. G. H . D aunt preached a t
Morning Prayer on Sunday, Sept. 1st, and the
Rev. G. A. Boulger, Curate of Shankill, will
preach at Evening P rayer on Sundav, Septem ber

The S u n d ay Schools.

All the Sunday Schools in the Parish re-opened
on Sunday, August 18th. The teachers and
children are glad to be together again after th e ir
long holiday. The Sunday Schools have now
adopted the system of a weekly collection. E ach
teacher has been supplied with a book in which
an account is kept of the am ount contributed by
each m em ber of his or her particular class. W e
are glad th a t th is new system is being generally

The B ocom bra Hall.

The Church Hall a t Bocombra, which was dam ­
aged. when struck by lightning in the early sum ­
m er. has been repaired. New slates have been
placed 011 the roof. The cost of this lias been de
frayed by the Insurance Company, ^ which made
an allowance for the damage done. Other minor
repairs have been carried out in the building.

S p ecia l Serm ons.
On Sunday, Septem ber 15th, Special Sermons

will be preached in the Parish Church a t Morning
and Evening Prayer on behalf of the Diocesan
Board of Education. This Is a most im portant
Diocesan organisation, for it controls the Re­
ligious Instruction of the children of the Church
in this great and populous Diocese. We appeal to
all those who value the religious upbringing of the
young to help by their gifts th is great work. E nve­
lopes for special subscriptions will be placed in
the Church on Sunday, Septem ber 8th.

C.L-B . S o c ia l-
The Cadets had their opening Social on Tues­

day, Septem ber 3rd. in the Parochial H all. There
•was a very large attendance. A good tea was
provided. Afterwards games and musical item s
were enjoyed. During the course of the evening
Captain E . M itchell outlined the programme for
the year, and m ade special reference to the for­
m ation of an Old Com rades’ Association. At the
close the Rev. W. F. H ayes gave a short address.

An Excursion to Lough Neagh.
The m em bers of the Bocombra Sunday School

and their friends had a very pleasant outing to
Lough Neagh on Saturday, August 17th. The
party , which num bered over sixty, assembled at
the Bocombra Church H all a t 4 p.m . I t was a
splendid day. They were conveyed in a luxurious
charabanc to the Lough. There they enjoyed
some light refreshm ent. The party then scattered
along the shore. Some bathed and some paddled.
Some wandered through the beautiful stretches of
heather, others sat along the pier. Everyone en­
joyed the •sunshine, the fresh air and the lovely
views of the wooded shores on the opposite sides
in the Counties of Antrim and Tyrone. At 7 p.m .
the party returned to the Bocombra Hall. There
they enjoyed a very substantial tea which awaited
them . Mr. Jam es Twinem, the Superintendent,
and the teachers accompanied the excursionists.
W e wish to thank all who helped to make the oc­
casion such a happy one.

A M a n ch e s te r W edding.
' A p re tty wedding took place in Flixton Parish

Church, M anchester, on Saturday, August 31st,
between Oliver B est and Ellen W right. The
bridegroom is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.

Robert H. Best, Goban Cottage, Seagoe Upper.
Mrs. Best and other members of the family were
present at the ceremony. Miss Mabel B est vas
bridesmaid, and Mr. William H . B est acted as
groomsman. The m arriage was performed by the
Rev. J . Jolly, who also gave a short address.
After the ceremony a reception was held at the
bride’s residence. We wish them every happi­
ness in their new home at Flixton.

Flixton Parish Church is one of the oldest
Churches in Manchester.

P arish R eg ister fo r August.

Baptism s
The following were Baptised in the Parish

Church on August 3rd, 1935.
Bonis—Thomas, son of Robert John and Eliza­

beth Bonis, of Kernan.
Sponsor»— Ellen Dowd. Elizabeth Bonis.

Gracey—Samuel Harold, son of Samuel George
and E lizabeth Jane Gracey, of Eden-

Sponsors—Anne Greenaway, Elizabeth Jane

Boyd—Anne Norah, daughter of David and
Minnie Boyd, of Seagoe Upper.

Sponsors—Evelyn Porter, Minnie Boyd.
Webb— Dorothy, daughter of W illiam Jam es and

E lizabeth Jan e W ebb, of Lurgan.
Sponsors— Sarah Jane Webb, E thel Webb.

M arriage-
Galwey and Forsythe—Aug. 17th, 1935, Charles

Hillier Galwey, of Portadown, to
I'lorence Forsvthe, of Seagoe Upper

Buria ls .
Vaughan—Aug. 7th, Jam es Vaughan, of Le-

vaghery, aged 75.Roberts—Aug. 20th, George Roberts, of Killic
maine, aged 69.

D eath o f M r. Roberts.
We regret to record the death of Mr. Roberts,

of Killicomaine, at an advanced age. Mr. Roberts
during his life held many responsible positions.
In the old days before motors he «'as e m p lo y e d
by m any of the great families who lived near
Bray, Co. Dublin. H e took great pleasure in the
splendid horses and equipages he was called upon
to drive. On one occasion when employed by the
Knight of Glyn he drove King Edw ard VII. Tfl
the very end he loved to recall these good old

The A n n u a l Report.
The Annua] Report is in the hands of the print­

ers and will be published shortly.

Seagoe P .E . School.

Seagoe P .E . School re-opened after the holi­
days oil Monday, Aug. 16th. There was a large
attendance of pupils. During the holidays the
School received a very thorough cleaning. The
health of the pupils attending Seagoe School has
always been rem arkably good and spidemics rarely occur.

A Seagoe G ian t.
Big men and great m en have through the cen­

turies been associated with Seagoe. Ju s t here
we would like to refer to a splendid specimen of
Seagoe manhood who holds a high position in
Queensland Australia. He is Major Costello, ne­
phew of Mr. Andrew Costello, of Tamnificarbet.
In his stocking feet Major Costello stands 6 feet
6| inches in height, and is broad in proportion.
He is Member of P arliam ent in the Queensland
Government. He visited Seagoe before the W ar,
through which he served with distinction. His
height and alertness m ay be guessed by the fact
that whenever lie was getting into his uncle’s trap
for a drive lie just threw his leg over the wheel
and took his place.

The M o th e rs ’ Union.
A meeting of the M others’ Union was held in

the Bocombra Church FT all on Tuesday, 13th
August. Since the erection of the Bocombra H all
it lias become alm ost an annual procedure th a t
the Mothers hold one of their m eetings there dur­
ing the sum m er m onths. The gathering was of a
quiet social nature. The Rev. W . F . H ayes pre­
sided and opened the m eeting w ith prayer. There
"as a large attendance, and a very good tea was
Provided by the Comm ittee. During the course of
the evening the m em bers passed a resolution of
sympathy w ith Chancellor Archer, in his illness,
and expressed their earnest hope for his speedy
recovery. The next m eeting of the Mothers
Pnion will be held in Seagoe School on Tuesday,
Mth September, a t 8 p.m . An address will be
given on th a t occasion by Canon Taylor.

Edenderry P a ro c h ia l H a ll.
J’lie heating arrangem ent of Edenderry Paro­

chial Hall has ben in an unsatisfactory condition
for some tim e. I t was exam ined recently by a
jepresentative of the firm of Messrs. Musgrave,
Belfast. H e considers th a t the present apparatus
jteeds im m ediate attention . The Com m ittee of
le Parochial H all have decided to have the ne­

cessary repairs carried out. This H all serves a
very useful purpose in the Parish. I t is used
twice each Sunday for Sunday School, and each
evening of the week throughout the greater part
of the year it is occupied by some parochial or­
ganisation. I t is very essential th a t the building
should be well heated and kept in good general

Cho ir Excursion.
On August 3rd the Choir held their annual ex­

cursion to Portrush. A very comfortable ’bus
from Messrs. Gastons arrived at the Church at
7.30 a.m ., and 37 members started at 8 o ’clock.
The weather was beautiful, and all enjoyed the
lovely drive, arriving about 11 a.m . Dinner was
ready a t 12 noon. After dinner some members
went to the Causeway, others bathed, and all en­
joyed them selves, till after having a good tea a
sta rt was m ade for home at 8 p.m . Miss Nora
Montgomery very kindly sent a large box of toffee
which was much appreciated.

The C- L B.
The Seagoe Company of the Church L ad s’ B ri­

gade will begin its new session on Tuesday, 10th
September. The Training Corps will m eet weekly
in the Parochial Hall, Edenderry, on Tuesdays at
7.30; the Cadets on Tuesdays, a t 8.30 p.m . The
Carne branch of the Training Corps will m eet on
Fridays at 7.30. The Brigade is strong in num ­
bers, bu t it is hoped at the beginning of th is ses­
sion th a t m any new recruits will come forward.
A special effort is being made in th a t direction at
present. A circular is being sent to parents of
possible candidates explaining the aim of the organisation.

The Church L ad s’ Brigade exists solely for a
religious purpose. I t aims prim arily at the build­
ing up of Christian character. The General Head­
quarters of the Organisation insists on all its
members attending each week a t the services of
their Parish Church. It expects them also to be­
come enthusiastic Church workers.

D ru m go r Sunday School.
The pupils attending the above School received

a delightful surprise when the School re-opened
after holidays. Apparently fairies had been at
work, for the school interior had taken on a new
coat. The children beheld walls th a t had been
tastefully distem pered a beautiful primrose tin t.

The windows and door were resplendent with new
paint. The woodwork, organ and praver-desk had
received fresh coats of varnish. The lam ps had
also been cleaned in preparation for the w inter’s
work. The forms and floor had been scrubbed by
willing hands, and everywhere there was a charm ­
ing atmosphere of freshness and neatness. The
furniture of the School has recently been en­
hanced by the addition of a num ber of beautiful
bentwood chairs for the use of the teachers. The
good fairies in th is case were the teachers of the
School, who had undertaken all the alterations
voluntarily. There has been some little expendi­
ture in the m atter of distem per and paint, b u t we
understand th is will be m et out of the funds of the
Sdhool. At the m om ent the pupils are practis­
ing hard for their forthcoming H arvest Festival.
The Superintendent and teachers are to be con­
gratulated on their efforts.

Tw enty-Five Years Ago.

The issue of the Magazine for th is ancient date
contains a reference to the fact th a t the Magazine
had been alreadv in existence for five years and / 'was still going strong. Other local Magazines
started since Seagoe M agazine had been started

had come to an inglorious end. Reference is alsc
made to the approach of the H arvest Season
There is a long list of no less than eleven Bap
tism s, but only one Marriage is recorded. Then
are 7 Burials. A long account is given of i
G .F .S . excursion to Lough Neagh, where tea wai
enjoyed on the lake short in front of Ardmort
Rectory. Sir Robert B redin’s recent visit t<
Portadown from China is noted. Unsettled wea
tlier th reatens to spoil the harvest. A !\ fission an
exhibition in the U lster H all is announced to bf
held in November. Among the Old Seagoe Notei
is one on “ The Ghost at Portadown Bridge” anc
" Seagoe in the Ice-age.”


There are good prospects of an excellent har­
vest. * * * *

Apples have ripened this year at an earlier date
than for the past 50 years.

* * * *
W e congratulate the Rev. G. H. D aunt on the

new and pretty bungalow which he has built foi
himself in the Mahon district.

* * * *
Mr. W m. Reid, of P ittsburg, U .S.A ., after a

brief holiday visit to Seagoe, sailed again for the
S tates in the liner “ Sam aria last week.

HOLY COMMUNION 1st Sunday after Morning

Prayer ; 3rd Sunday at 8 a .m ., and on the Chief
Festivals.HOLY B A P TI S M - 1st Saturday of each Month at 3
p m . , and during any Service in the Parish Church,i
notice be given ; Two Sponsers at least are required and they must be Confirmed Members of the Church.
Churchings are held at each Baptism. Mothers are expected to bring a tharkoffering. (See Book of
Common Prayer. IMO RN ING P R A Y E R —Sundays and Chief Festivals,
11-30 a.m.E V E N I N G P R A Y E R —Sundays, 7 p m

DISTRIC i S E R V I C E SH a c k n a h a y —Last Sunda of M ontt a t 3-30 f m.D r u m g o r —i ' c o n d unda of Month at 4 p. r
E d e n d t rr y—Wednesdays ai 8 p.m.

C L A S S E S , &C.
B I B L E C L A S S FOR ME N in Edenderry on

Sundays at 10 a m.
S U N D A Y SCHOOLS 10 a m . Edenderry Parochial Hall and Seagoe School. 3 p.m. Seagoe, Edenderry

Parochial Hall, Levaghery, H acknahay, Carne,
Drumgor, Bocombra.

M O T H E R S ’ UNI ON —2nd Tuesday of each month
at 7 30 p.m.

CHURCH L A D S ’ B R IG A D E in the Farochial Hall
on Tuesdays and Fridays.

G I R L S ’ F R I E N D L Y SOCIETY in Seagoe School on
Mondays at 8 p.m.

S E A G O E P. E. SCHOOL, 9-15 a.m. Principal—Mr.
R. Scott.

M A R R 1 A G F S must be performed between 8 a.m and 3 p m Licenses are issued by Rev. C a n o n Hannon,
Rectory, L u r g n . Due notice (48 hours) mus be given to the Rector of intended weddings. F E E S - B y License-
Labourers 5/ t radesm en 10/-, Merchants and Farmers 15/-, Professional, £1. By Banns 5/-. F U N E R A L S will
attended by the Clergy if proper notice be given. SICK CASES should be notified to the Clergy without delay. A EES F O R C E R T IF IC A T E S BAPTISM 3/7, Children 'Factory! 1/- and 2/- (non-residents); M A R R A G h . âji-

n extra Saaroh Fee is chargeable in cartain cases I t will be a help to the Clergy if they are notified ot I
arrival of new Church families in the í arish.A copy of the Magazine will be sent post free to any subscriber for 3/- per anunm. ^ Stream Closed


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