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August 1935


August 1935

•Seagoe iparísb /Iftagasiite.
AU G U ST, 1935.

Rev. Chancellor Archer, B .D ., The Rectory, Seagoe.
Rev. W. F. Hayes, B.A., The Bungalow, Lower Seagoe, Portadown.

★ The M ag az in e . ★

The next num ber of the Magazine will be pub­
lished in th e 2nd week of Septem ber instead of
as usual in the first week of the month.

The Sunday Schools
The Sunday Schools of the Parish which have

been closed for holidays since Ju ly 7th, will
(D .Y .) re-open on Sunday, August 18th, a t the
usual hours, it is very im portant th a t all the
children, as well as the Teachers, should be in
their place as usual on th a t date. It will be the
Ninth Sunday after Trinity, and the Afternoon
Lessons in the Calendar will be as. follows:—R e­
petition for Seniors— “ A Prayer for P ardon” (see
Page 50 Book of Common P rayer), Psalm 65
verses 9 and 10. Repetition for Juniors— “ Duty
to C od’’ in the Catechism. Subject of Lessons

Perseverance in P rayer—Reality in Religion,”
St. Luke 11 to verse 14 and verse 87 to end.

For the Morning Sunday Schools the Lessons in
the Calendar will be—Repetition for Seniors,

The Apostles Creed” and H ym n '273 verse 4.
Repetition for Juniors, H ym n 631. Subject for
study— “ The Need of D ecision,” 1st Kings 18.
verses 17-45. At a m eeting of Superintendents
and Teachers held in June, it was decided th a t it
would be a great advantage in our Sunday Schools
if a collection were m ade every Sunday instead of
on occasional Sundays. If the am ounts contri­
buted by each child are entered by each Teacher
in a note-book then th e am ount required each
year for prizes and for the annual excorsion could
be found beforehand. In Sunday Schools where
a collection is made each month for the Indian
child in South America the Mission Box would
take the place of the other collection on th a t par­
ticular Sunday. Each S uperintendent is asked to
arrange for his or her particular Sunday School.

The IVIen’s B ib le Class.
The M en’s Bible Class held by the Rev. W. F .

Haves, each Sunday morning in the Orange H all,
Kdenderry, will resum e work on Sunday. August
4th, at the usual hour.

A m erica in Seagoe.
We had a welcome visitor to our Parish in

Ju ly in the person of Mr. W illiam Reid, from
P ittsburg, U .S.A ., who was staying with his
father, Mr. George Reid, a t Killycomaine Road.
I t is m any years since Mr. Reid left Seagoe for
the States, bu t he is still rem em bered by many
in the old place. W e were glad to see him look
so well. He never forgets the old Parish.

The Cam ps.
Seagoe C .L .B . lias had representatives both a t

the Cadet Camp in Blackpool and in the Training
Corps Camp a t Strangford, Co. Down. A great
com plim ent was paid to our Seagoe Company in
the fact th a t our Captain— Captain M itchell was
appointed by H eadquarters to be in command of
the Training Corps Camp at Strangford. B oth
Camps were very successful. The weather was
very fine and the lads enjoyed every m om ent of
their stay.

C .L B Sports Rally.
The C .L .B . Sports Rally on Friday, Ju ly 5th.

was a great success. The weather was fine and
not too warm, and the field, so kindly len t by
Mrs. Best, of Church Lane, looked perfect. The
junior events took place at 4 p .m ., and the senior
events a t 7.30 p.m . All the events were well con­
tested and some of the records were very good.
It was very nice to have w ith us m any com peti­
tors both from L urgan and St. M ark’s, P o rta ­
down. and m any of the events were won by their
representatives. Captain M itchell was indefati­
gable and the success of the gathering was largely
due to his strenuous efforts. H e was well helped
by the Cadets and Training Corps. The fancy
dress parade was won by F red Crossen, who was
dressed as a Courtier of the 18th century. H e
played the p a r t splendidly. I t was the best
th ing of its kind we have ever seen in Portadown.
The sports lasted to a late hour, and then the
prizes were gracefully distributed to the winners
by Mrs. M itchell. The Rector thanked all for
their kind help, and after the singing of a verse
of the National Anthem the Rally came to an
end. The proceeds were on behalf of the C .L .B .
Uniform Fund.

Seagoe C .L B. Band.
Our C .L .B . B and has received its new Royal’

S tu art H ighland Uniform, and m uch adm iration
has been expressed for it. The Band is now very
efficient and popular.

C ongratu lations .

We offer our hearty congratulations to Mr.
John George Gracey, of Balteagh, on receiving
the Silver Jubilee Medal from th e King. Mr.
Gracey is a M agistrate and also occupies the re­
sponsible post of Chairm an of Lurgan E ural
Council, lie is also a Parochial Nominator of
Seagoe Parish, a mem ber of the Select Vestry,
and also represents the Parish of Seagoe in the
Diocesan Synod.

The Som m e Anniversary
The Memorial Services held in the Parish

Church on Sunday, June 30, in commemoration
of the B attle of the Somme were very impressive.
A t Morning Prayer the local m em bers of the
B ritish Legion of Ex-servicemen, under Captain
W hitsitt, attended the service in large num bers,
and the Seagoe Company of the C .L .B ., with the
Pipe Band in their handsome new uniforms, were
also present. The Rector read from the pulpit
the nam es of those from the Parish who fell in
the G reat W ar. After the Service a wreath was
laid at the Memorial Pillars by our C .L .B ., under
the command of Captain Mitchell, and the R e­
veille and L ast Post were sounded by one of the
Ex-servicemen, who were drawn up opposite the
Memorial Gates. The collection was on behalf of
the Co. Armagh P ro testan t Orphan Society and
am ounted to £4 Os 6d. The Services were con­
tinued at Evening Prayer.

The A nn iversary Service.
On Sunday evening, Ju ly 7th. an anniversary

Service was held in the Parish Church. The
Rector and the Rev. W. P . H ayes took the ser­
vice, and the sermon was preached by the Rev.
J . 1. Lea, Rector of Mullavilly. A very large
num ber of members from Lurgan D istrict and
Portadown Lodges were present. The Service
was very hearty. The collection was in aid of the
L ord Enniskillen M emorial Orphan Fund and
am ounted to £7 2s 9d.

S e a g o e P .E . School.
The School broke up for the Sum m er Holidays

on July 5th. Before the children separated the
Rector spoke to the children, and a H ym n was
sung and prayer said. H earty rounds of cheers
were given for the Teachers and the Manager.
The school is being thoroughly cleaned during the
holidays and will (D .V .) resum e work on Mon­
day, August 19th, a t 9.15 a.m .. when a punctual
attendance of all the pupils is requested.

Seagoe M o th e rs ’ Union.
The usual m onthly m eeting of the M others’

Union will be held (D .Y .) on Tuesday, August
13th, in Bocombra Church Hall, a t 7.30. It will

be an informal gathering and tea will be provided
for all who come. We are glad to be able to an­
nounce th a t the Rev. Canon Taylor, our former
Curate and now Rector of Lisburn, will give an
address to the m others a t their m eeting in Sept­
ember. It will bo held on Tuesday. September
10th, in Seagoe School, a t 7.30 p.m.

In (Ylcmoriam.

It is seldom th a t we have to record such a sad
event as the death of two little children from the
same homo and their burial in the same grave at
the same tim e. M arjorie and Kenneth were two
bright, happy and dearly-loved children. Until
a few m onths ago they had lived in Spence’s Cot­
tages, in Levaghery, and had made m any friends
there. Since coming to reside in Edenderry their
winning ways had won for them many more
friends and playm ates. A severe attack of scar­
latina and measles contracted by both children
proved fatal in a few days. The double funeral
made a very sad impression on all who witnessed
it. Their little playm ates walked on each side of
the coffins. The Levaghery children were on one
side and the E denderry on the other. The Rec­
tor took the Service at the Church and grave­
side. Deep and heartfelt sym pathy is felt for
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford in their great affliction.

On Tuesday, Ju ly 2nd, a presentation was

m ade to Mrs. Kirkpatrick (Miss Selina B rad­
shaw) on the occasion of her marriage. There
was a large gathering in Levaghery School. The
Rev. W. F. Hayes presided at the beginning of
the meeting, and the Rector towards the close.
After tea. games were played and m uch enjoyed
by all present. The presentation was then made.
It took the form of a fine parlour chiming clock.
The Rector spoke of the good work done in the
Parish by Mrs. Kirkpatrick, especially in the
Sunday Schools at Seagoe and Levaghery. They
congratulated her very heartily on her marriage
and wished her and Mr. Kirkpatrick great happi­
ness and prosperity in their future life. The
Rector then asked Mr. Jam es Davison to make
the presentation , which he did in a few suitable
words. Speeches were also made by Mi1. S tan­
field, Superintendent of Levaghery Sunday
School, also by Mr. Scott, Superintendent of Sea­
goe Morning Sunday School, and by the Rev. W •
F . Hayes. Mrs. K irkpatrick having thanked all
for their kind gift, the Doxology was sung and
the m eeting concluded.

Excursion Accounts.

We are glad to be able to announce th a t the
deficit 011 the Excursion this year is com parative­
ly small. This is largely due to the fact th a t
many of our people very kindly subscribed to ­
wards the expenses connected with it. The ac­
tual deficit is £4 2s. We herewith give the
various Receipts and Expenses, also the L ist of
Subscribers. We congratulate Mr. Scott and
Mr. M ‘Clements on the satisfactory balance

R eceipts:—Mr. Geo. Wilson, £3 Is 3d; Seagoe
Morning School. £4 8s 9d; Mr. Scott (tickets),
£2 10s 9d; Mrs. Vance. £4 11s; Miss Agnes Guy,
£2 17s 6d; Mr. W . H utchinson, £2 18s; Mr. Jas.
Twinem, per Cairns and Neill, £11 Is 9d; Chan­
cellor Archer, 10s 6d; Rev. W. F. H ayes, £6 6s
6d; Mr. Maginnis, £2 16s 6d; Mr. Stanfield. £5
10s 6d ; Mr. H arry H ynes, £6 6s; Edenderry
School—Morning and Afternoon, £8 9s 9d; Mr.
Dermott, £2 12s 6d; Miss Wilson, 9s 6d; Mr. R.
M‘Clements. £8 13s; Miss Sarah Montgomery,
18s.— £74 Is 9d.

Subscriptions:—Chancellor Archer, 10s; Mrs.
Vance, 5s; Mrs. Sherm an, 6s; Mr. M urray Gib­
son, 10s; Mrs. Stoops. 10s: Major M 'Lean. £1;
Mrs. Atkinson, Clarisford, 2s 6d; Mr. Sands, 4s;
Mr. W. Greeves, 10s; Mr. and Mrs. M 'Cormick,
os; Miss M 'Dowell. 2s 6d; Mr. J . Munroe, 2s 6d;
Miss M ‘Shane, I s ; Mrs. Lewie, 5s; Mrs. Mayes,
2s 6d; Mr. W alker, 2s 6d; Miss Calvert. ÍOs;
Mrs. Abraham. 5s; Mr. Maginnis, os; Mrs. E ng­
land. 5s; Miss Dawson, os; Mr. Jacob Sandford,
5s; Balance from 1934. £1 14s 9d ; balance de­
ficit. £4 2s.— £86 12s.

Expenses—G.N.R. Co. (tickets), £55 16s 6d ;
Davison Bros., 600 teas, at lOd each, £25; 1 lire of
Bufferin H all, £4 4s; “ Portadown T im es” (prin t­
ing and advertising), £1 3s; “ Portadown News”
(advert.), 6s; Mr. H aack (bill posting), 2s 6d —
£86 12s.

A R are P lant.It is not generally known th a t a p lan t grows in
this neighbourhood which is not found elsewhere
in Europe. Tt is called by botanists Spiranthes
Stricta. I t loves the P ea t Bogs and is found a t
Brackagh Moss, outside Portadown, and in the
cut-out bogs in Ardmore and along the shores of
Lough Neagh. I t is a ta ll p lan t and a fine photo­
graph of it is to be seen in a book recently pub­
lished. “ The Irish B o tan is t,” by Mr. R. Praeger.
It was first discovered by the late Rev. Canon
Lett. Rector of Loughbrickland, when searching
tor Mosses in Brackagh Moss, more than th irty years ago.

Death o f “ Æ .”A great deal has been w ritten about the recent
death of “ Æ ,” otherwise Mr. George W illiam

Russell, a famous Irish Poet and Economists Mi-
Russell is said to have been born in Lisniskey,
in th is Parish, in the year 1869, bu t th is seems
to be an error as regards the place. I t is more
likely th a t he was born in a townland nearer Lur-
gan. Perhaps some reader could give informa­
tion on the point.

P arish R eg ister for Ju ly .
B aptism sThe following were Baptized in the Parish

Church on Ju ly 6th, 1935: —
M‘Murray—Thomas H enry, son of Jam es Henry

and M argaret M‘M urray, of Seagoe

Sponsors—Mabel Lena Best. M argaret M 'M ur-

Lester—Agnes Avril Andrews, daughter ,-f (Juin-
ton and Adeline Lester, of Lisniskey.

Sponsors—Anne Jane Drurnm, Adeline Lester. M'Yeigh—J oyce Bernice, daughter of W-.uiam
Patrick aud M aud M'Yeigh, of E den­

Sponsors—M argaret Best, Maud M'Yeigh.
M arriages-Roberts and Steenson—Ju ly 15th, 1935. H arry

George Roberts, of Killicomaine, t'o
Edith Steenson, of Breagh.Tedford and M‘Neill—Ju ly 17th, 1935, Thomas
Tedford, of Portadown, to M ary Jane
M 'Neill. of Ballym acrandle.

Buria ls .Metcalfe—Ju ly 1st,, Samuel M etcalfe, of Tarson,
aged 84 years.Leake— lu ly 21st. W illiam George Leake, of
Portadown, aged 66 years.Crawford—July 24th, M arjorie Crawford, aged 3
years, and K enneth Crawford, aged 5-|
years, both of Edenderry.Stoops—July 28th. John Hugh Stoops, of Bel­
fast, aged 34 years.

Sym pathy.W e regret to record in th is issue the death of
several who were well-known to m any am ongst
us. Samuel M etcalfe had been in ill-health for
some tim e but, the end came very suddenly. H e
was always kind and considerate. For many
years he worked in the shipyards at H ull, bu t the
fam ily lias been for a long tim e associated with
Tarson. W illiam George Leake, although not
connected with Seagoe Parish was very well
known and m uch esteem ed in the neighbourhood.
W e sym pathise very sincerely with his bereaved
relatives. Mr. John Hugh Stoops, although a
resident in Belfast, had m any connections with
Seagoe Parish. H e has passed away in the prim e
of' life after a very brief illness. We offer our
sincere sym pathy to Mrs. Stoops and his rela­
tives in their sad and sudden bereavem ent.

Tw enty-Five Years Ago.

AUGUST, 1910.
The local m atter begins with a 'note on the

recent Confirmation held on June ‘26tli, 1910.
Seagoe School has ju s t been renovated and deco­
rated. An im provem ent is noted in the Susten­
tation Fund. No less than eleven Baptism s are
recorded, also two M arriages and four Burials.
The preacher a t the Anniversary Service was the
Bev. John M 'Endoo, Bector of Tandragee, and
his tex t was E sther ix., 26-28. A rthur Allen
heads the list for Church attendances. The Old
Seágoe Notes refer to the meanings of the nam es
of the Townlands in the Barish.

Old Seagoe Notes.
Horse Troughs from Coaching Days.— In the

old Coaching Days, about 130 years ago, when the !
through E ast Coaches with four or even six horses
were on the road, it was necessary to have places
where the horses could get water. It is still pos­
sible to trace out some of these places. They are
usually at the bottom of hills or half-way up
them . The old Lurgan Road through Killico-
maine was a great coach road. I t was known as
the Great Road or the King’s Road. There was a
drinking pool or trough just where Stew art
Avenue branches off from the m ain road. An­
other very much frequented trough was higher
up on the road where Church Lane joins it and
where some renovated cottages now stand. There
was also a drinking pool on Seagoe Boad where
the Brickworks now stand. The gap in the hedge
still remains. Many a panting and th irsty coach

horse has refreshed itself at these places. They
were generally placed near Turnpikes.

* ' * * *

The Great East Window of Seagoe—1896.—
The stained-glass window is a fine work of art,
and has been executed by Messrs. H eaton, Butler,
and Bayne, a t a cost of £300. The subject illu­
strated is the Ascension. Our Blessed Lord, ris­
ing towards the glory which stream s from above,
occupies the centre; below in the distance are the
roof tops of the city of Jerusalem . In the fore­
ground are “ the eleven” in various postures of
devout wonder, gazing up into heaven. While
in the tracery of the beautiful perpendicular
stone-work are angels and stars above “ the
cloud, ” the apex being occupied by a crown, pre­
sumably th a t of glory. The colouring is delicate
and subdued, and the drawing m ost lifelike. Mr.
Drew, the architect of the Church, gave the in­
structions to the artists, which is a guarantee for
the propriety of the treatm ent and execution.

IT E M SThe recent hot weather has greatly helped the
hay-harvest. I t seems as if th is would be a great
year for hay.

The re-laying of the Lurgan Road has been now
completed. The centre is of asphalte and the
sides of cement.

M any new houses are being built in the Parish.
Some of the graves in the Old Seagoe Grave­

yard are now very bright with flowers.
Two further in term ents liave taken place in

the new extension Church Burial Ground. They
are those of Mr. Leake and Mr. Stoops.

HOLY CO VI M U I N i O N - 1?t Sunday af te r Morning

P rayer ; 3rd Sunday at 8 a .m . , and on the Chief

HOLY B A P T I S M - 1st Saturday of cach M onth at 3
p m . , and during any Service in the Parish Church,i
notice be given ; Two Sponsers at least are r equ ired
and they m ust be Confirmed Members of the Church .
C hurchings are held at each Baptism. M others are
expected to bring a tharkoflering . (See Bcok of
Com m on Prayer.)

M O R N I N G P R A Y E R —Sundays and Chief Festivals,
11-30 a .m .

E V E N I N G P R A Y E R —Sundays, 7 p m

H a c k n a h a y —Last Sun d ay of Month a t 3-30 p .m.
D r u m g o r —Second Sunday of Month at 4 p. r
E d e n d e r r y — Wednesdays at 8 p m.

C L A S S E S ,

& C -
in E denderry onB I B L E C L A S S FOR

S undays at 10 a m .
S U N D A Y S C H O OL S 10 a m . Edenderry Parochial

Hal l and Seagoe School. 3 p.m. Seagoe, Edenderry
Mprocbial Hall , L evaghery , H ac kn ah a y , Carne,
D rum gor, Bocombra.

M O T H E R S ’ U N I O N —2nd Tuesday of each month
at 7 30 p .m .

C H U RC H L A D S ’ B R I G A U E in the f arochial Hall
cn Tuesdays and Fridays.

( U R L S ’ F R I E N D L Y S O C IE T Y in Seagoe School on
Mondays at 8 p.m .

S E A Q O E P. E. SCHOOl , 9-15 a.m. Principal— M t .
K. Scott.

MARRIAGES m ust be performed between 8 a .m and 3 p m Licenses are issued by Rev. Canon H an ro n ,
Rectory , L u rg i . i . D u e notice (48 hours) mus be given to the Rector of intended weddings. F E E S —By License
Labourers 5/- . tradesmen 10/-, M erchants and Farm ers i5/- , Professional, £1 By Banns 5/-. F U N E R A L S will be
a t tanded by the Clergy if p ro pe r notice be given, S IC K C A S E S should be notified to the Clergv without delay.
F E E S F O R C E R T I F I C A T E S B A PT IS M 3/7, Children .Factory) 1 / - and 2/ (non-residents) ; M A R R A G E 3/7.
An ex tra Saaroh F ee is chargeab le in carta in cases I t will be a help to the Clergy if they are notified of the
a rriva l of new C hu rch families in th e Parish.A copy of the Magazine will be sent post free to any subscriber for 3/- per anunm . Stream Closed


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